Random wrestling news.

There’s a lot to get caught up on…

Teddy Hart has been signed to a WWE developmental deal and will be joining Florida Championship Wrestling soon.

USA wants to increase Raw to 3 hours by the “fall” season.  (In quotes because there is no off time in wrestling, yet advertisers still use the sweeps periods.)

Viscera is scheduled to become a monster heel in ECW.  He will be built up as a 21st century version of One Man Gang until he is brought back to Raw, likely next year.  Vis will be the huge heel that the champ (probably Cena) might not be able to beat.  This is similar to what was done with the Great Khali, and soon with Snitsky.

TNA is planning on holding all 12 PPVs of 2008 in locations outside of Orlando.

Samoa Joe has refused to sign a new contract with TNA.

TNA is in negotiations with Spike and Fox for more hours of weekly TV.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton will be the next “big” feud.  It could start as soon as August, or as late as WrestleMania.  This depends on whether or not the World title is involved (with Orton possibly beating Cena for the title.)


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