Cloverfield 01-18-08 – Odd message board postings.

This is from the Cloverfield message board on….

Dear IMDb,

My name is Gerald Webber. I live in New York City. In June of last year, our city was ravaged by a monster that no one knows nothing about. All I heard were peircing screams while I hid in my Manhattan office, waiting for the rampage to end.

After the carnage ended, I tried to find news about the “monster” and the attack. But I didn’t find a single newspaper article, or T.V report. There was nothing on the internet. I later found out that the Government went for broke and did everything they could to conceal what happened. I got to hand it to them, they sure know how to cover up news especailly something of this magnitude.

One night, I awoke to find a syringe embedded in my skull. I asked my Girlfriend to remove it. She gingerly removed it. There was very little blood. I took the syringe to a friend of mine who is a biologist. He looked it over and told me that there were traces of UO126 in the syringe. UO126 is used to wipe out people’s memory. I asked him and my girlfriend if this had anything to do with the monster attack. They then looked at me and said, “What monster attack?” Apparently, they had already been exposed to the UO126 and their memory of the incident was wiped clean.

I am the only person who knows what really happened. And I am here to tell all of you to not be duped — this is not a movie, but a documentary of that day. I know, because I am apart of this documentary and I am using footage from a digital camcorder that I found in a nearby stormdrain of that incident to help sell this “movie.”


Gerald Webber

Followed up by….

Dear IMDb,

It’s me, Gerald Webber, again. I just wanted to silence all the skeptics who continually bash me and the truth that I am trying to tell all of you. If you would like to know more about what it is that I am talking about, or if you are new here, just hit the following link:

That being said, I think it’s time that I give to you a real photograph of the monster that attacked New York in June of 2006. I was there, and this is an image from a digital camera that I was able to salvage from the primary attack site. The camera was found in a nearby storm drain. It was heavily damaged, but the memory card was still intact. I was able to retrieve these photos of the monster. I warn you, this may be quite farring for you.

This is a picture of the monster. As you can see, the skin is very chapped and has many crevices to it. And the mouth is monstrous. It is constantly open and just hangs there without closing shut. It’s rather menacing to relive this. The picture is quite blurry and was taken in night vision mode.

The fear that pulsates through my body when I see that image is just excrutiating. You may laugh at me, but you have to have been there on that day to know the fear the succumbs me when seeing this grisly image.

The photo-team is trying to colorize this photo; to give it depth and color so that we can see what the monster looked like in bright day instead of dark night. Once that photo becomes available, I will post it.

More will come when the documentary releases on January 18, 2008.


Gerald Webber


Dear IMDb,

I promised all of you that I would post a colorized version of the night vision picture of the monster that was seen in this thread:

And, as many of you know, the incident occurred in June of last year:

Now that the photo team has finished analyzing the night vision photo that was retrieved from the memory card of a digital camera that was found in the storm drain at the site of the incident, I am proud to show you the colorized version.

This is the best that our photo team could do to sharpen and bring some detail to the image. It looks rather amphibious to me. Dr. Borin and Dr. Sycamore think that since the DNA sequence of this monster was that of AGTC codons, it is safe to say that this monster is indeed from this planet. The origin and habitat is still under speculation although great strides are being made daily.

So, here is the much anticipated colorized version of the night vision photo.

Night Vision photo of the monster:

Colorized and sharpened version of the night vision photo:

I posted a thread similar to this yesterday, but I had to delete it due to concerns by Dr. Borin. Now that the concerns have been addressed, we are able to repost this again. Thanks.


Gerald Webber

Here are the pictures…



42 Responses

  1. his story is completely fake why even post this?

  2. Pft… he did this is photoshop or something… maybe even dressed up his dog, in any case, this is NOT real!!

  3. question people are jumping to a monster movie my thoughts could it be something resemboling the day after tomorrow but metor hits earth and causes total chaos???? think j.j. abrams has created lost and star trek ok lost is basically survival right, and star trek was more like explore the galaxy and defend earth from invaders but nothing out of his movies has there been any monsters… this is just my oppinion i just stumbled on this site because i had to say something about um night vision pic of a larg mouth bass lol i mean come on someone needs to get their ass kick for that crap. well if my theory sounds somewhat good please write about it you have my e-mail address respond and please tell me what you think because im really cerious about this movie.

  4. oh wait it wont show my e-mail address here it is please let me know what you think about it.

  5. hello everyone i may know what the movie is iv been so blind but as you read through alot of j.j. abrams posts or anyone elses posts it has something to do with comics. this is a big theory and i may be wrong because i dont know the rlease date but think the parasite it might be the new hell boy. people tell me im write im tired of guessing but if it is hell boy it would be the shit lol.

  6. ok ok guess what everyone i just cracked the whole mystery movie and no one would of ever been this… get ready for the newest film DESTROY ALL HUMANS……….
    if you played the second Game there is a monster which generates its health by destroying buildings. hmmm that was also thrown around the world of forums. post forums people im not here to just type to my self ok.

  7. Hello!

    What do you think about love? >:)

  8. That’s a monkfish, morans.

  9. what i don get is he said it took place in june. but, the date at the bottom left coner of the “pic” it says july

  10. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  11. i think this is great….yes obviously its fake but dosent it make it just that much more real?

  12. OMG… thats a MONK FISH. Its not a monster. Deep sea divers found it dead. You can see more if you google monk fish.

  13. Let’s think Blair Witch Project with a big monster? I think what’s even more scary are the run-on sentences, horrendous grammar, and inability to spell correctly that is on display in most of the above posts…oooh buurrrr…verrry scary.

  14. i really dont know what to think about this. maybe its some sort of propaganda to make the movie a huge success. or perhaps it did happen and we all just that idiotic. my i have friends who live in NY…and they recall no odd ends of loosing memories and such. oh well who knows. i’m seeing it, looks interesting.

  15. its a damn monkfish idiots

  16. The “Monster” in the Pic is a Monk Fish! Its a Deep sea Fish!.. And is jused alot in Norway!.. Looks like a Monster But taste like Beauty!… (Sorry about the bade righting)

  17. FAKE! That’s some small shark mouth without the teeth. You can see where they where connected to tissue on the gums even. I have caught enough to know what it looks like… you can see the typical 4 gill slits in each side too.

    The story is weak-sauce too. I flushed more interesting reads. :(

  18. Then…how…come…wait…no sense this makes. How come there are NO trace of the destroyed buildings…people dead most likely…goverment cant cover up that stuff.

  19. It is not a monkfish look a the lower jawbone and this was not done in photoshop, I can say this because I am a graphic designer and your talking more on the lines of 3-d software meaning special effects studio edition. However what caused this is obvious, just look at the clues,1. the drilling company and the slusho company are working hand and hand.2. the deep sea drilling rigs uncover 2 things one known one hidden the know thing is a new mineral that is tasty in drinks and is very addictive, the hidden is a new aquatic creature much like a blue whale, but add slushos magic ingriedieant and you get a giant sea monster. as for all the poor souls drinking that drink from slusho cooporation say hello to you new look, the pic above is human/aquatic hybrids formed from a obvious bacteria like symbiotic creature at the base of the ocean floor. as for anything else it is all done to make a bigger hype for the movie so everyones natural human curuiosity kicks in and we all go and see it, for me I hope they have a damn good movie because peronnaly I think they have over done it on the hype and just like the blair bitch progect, the movie is doomed to fail. so what does everyone else think?

  20. p.s. if you want to see the creature for yourselves watch very slowly in all the previews then go to a d google image search “cloverfield”

  21. i live in new york and im telling u all this….this is the biggest lie ive ever heard in my entire life haaaaaaaaaa what a retard

  22. Does the guy actually believe that this movie is “real”? If so, he needs to get mental help fast. First of all in the movie New York city gets demolished and thousands (if not millions) of people are affected. Are you trying to convince people that the government was organized enough to inject precise memory wiping drugs into all those people heads at the same time rebuilding New York instantly for no one to notice? What about the news agencies? I guess “New York” under attack wasn’t headline news? LOL. Look how long FEMA took to help in Hurricane Katrina, you are better off trying to convince people we actually live on Mars.

    Oh by the way Star Wars is real… yep, George Lucas intercepted their transmissions from outer space and made it into a movie. I am also a Jedi Knight!

  23. I guess there ARE a lot of idiots out there. Just by reading the above posts, some of you people actually believe he might be telling the truth…. I weep for the future. I don’t know what’s more scary, a huge monster attack or people’s ignorance.

  24. Wow. I feel very stupid. I knew the story was bogus but the second Jack mentioned the word monkfish I just…Im so stupid.

  25. It’s all in good fun.

  26. In response to EgoInstigator’s comment:

    “That’s some small shark mouth without the teeth.”

    Ok, even if I bought that…

    “I _have caught enough to KNOW_ what it looks like… you can see the typical 4 gill slits”

    Riiiight.. did you know every shark species has 5 gill slits and not 4? You’ve “caught enough”, yeah right…

  27. Um….has no one ever heard of a viral marketing campaign? LOL

  28. This is indeed intriguing. As someone has already stated, its obvious that this is not real. People who are constantly mentioning that it’s not real are simpling wasting their times. Most people are completely aware of that, and stating it is less interesting than the content itself. It was posted to entertain, get over yourselves.

    I really enjoyed reading it, by the way. :P

  29. saw the 12:01am showing… thats the monster… infact i even know which part of the movie that is from… i dont know who got that pic cause in the movie that shot goes by within a frame or two… you’ll see it mid movie right after the party of 4 run into the military in the street..

  30. The pic is fake, I just got back from seeing the movie.

  31. JJ Abrams did not create Star Trek, it was around when Abrams was a tinkle in someones eye…. PanDeism Fish Out….

  32. Oh yeah, and Cloverfield is freakin great!!

  33. Oh those cheesy pr/publicity people in Hollywood. They’ve been doing this shit for years.

  34. Saw the movie. Dude you were waayyy off. And so was everyone else who thought it was Zilla, Godzilla, a giant whale mutant, or Cthulhu(sp.?0).

  35. Yeah, I second motion “deans” comment.
    For I occasionally grow steel claw knives from my knuckles, giving me the nickname “wolverine”! Keep in mind it’s only time to time… No big deal.

  36. I truly feel sorry for any and all persons that bash on a good story teller. I was intrigued reading this “STORY” that tries to build hype, it made me want to laugh at times but I’m not going to attack the author. Believe me when I say, that the people who thought this was true, need to be weeded out of society. Because, we need more idiots in the world like we need huge raging monsters on every street corner! Unfortunatly, the latter is true about the idiots their everywhere! One of them is at the desk next to me, Oh and they have breath that would make anyone think their being attacked by a monster, If within a few feet of them in a dark room. For those of you who felt it neccessary to bash the author, And to try to debunk the story, you made yourself seem more of an idiot than the people that actually believed the whole thing. I think maybe you want to believe there is truth to it but if there was what would you do? You all should be ashamed of yourselves, Especially the few of you that actually tried to name what it could or couldn’t be. I mean how moronic can you get. It’s a picture of God knows what and yet you try to sound so sure even though you know squat. I’m sorry if I affended anyone it’s just a damn shame that anyone would attack someone for being creative. I would wager a bet that some posters here didn’t even read all of the story or posts. They just skipped to the pictures and then down to comment so they could stir up attention to themselves. Which I probably look like I just did that very thing, So I won’t post again on this subject so as to not make that impression. Sorry for wasting yours and my own time, Oh and space on the page I guess I was ranting a bit. huh?

    Yours in Vain,
    The Soulless One

  37. That’s funny…I was in New York last week, and everything was fine.

  38. Dude, that’s fucking hilarious. Made my day. J.J. Abrams, the Almight Creator of STAR TREK??? And then the monk fish versus shark versus real monster thing… I just about shit myself laughing.

    The movie was absolutely outstanding, every last bit of it was as close to perfect as you can get from the acting to the 3D animation to the storyline. Superb. Though how anyone could think it was real is beyond me… When the movie supposedly happened, my mom was in Manhatten, and seeing as she’s alive and not ranting over giant monsters destroying the city, I’d say it’s probably not real. Unless we go with the whole “memory erasing drug” idea. Maybe it did happen. We would never know.

    Although, if the government was so efficient as to completely erase the memories of every last person involved and cover up thousands upon thousands of deaths, completely rebuild New York down to the last detail, and somehow manage to destry this monster, why would they let this film be released…? After all that…

    Seems funny to me.

    Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD…

  39. Nice story. I haven’t seen the movie and I probably never will. However I would like to point out the genius in creating marketing strategy where you never show monster. People are dying to know what the hell the monster is. This monster look like the close up of an ugly fish. However someone who saw the movie told me it’s like a giant cross between Godzilla and some sea creature. Other’s say the monster looked like Sin from final fantasy (the vid game). I am not impressed.

  40. ” I took the syringe to a friend of mine who is a biologist. He looked it over and told me that there were traces of UO126 in the syringe.”

    Huh?Has he some kind of scanner-type implants in the eyeballs?

  41. Mike Mossberg, I know you reading this forum, please contact me, because I can’t find your contact details.

  42. […] on the internet, you can also find ideas about Cloverfield being a documentary and that everyone had their memories erased with UO126, and how the film was an inside job to access oil reserves under Manhattan. And George […]

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