Cloverfield 01-18-08 – Third picture is released.

A third picture is up on 1-18-08.


There is another version of the picture floating around that’s been cleaned up.


What to notice:

The time is later than the two previous pictures, and it can be assumed, later than the trailer as well.

These two women were not seen at the party.

The two men in the background are possibly in uniform.

One of the men is pointing a gun, very possibly pointing it at the camera.


3 Responses

  1. I’d say the guy with the gun was actually pointing it AWAY from the camera myself! Not too many left handed people use guns in films. This guy is right-handed.

  2. ^ To add onto that, see his legs? The knees are bent in a way that would let you know we’re looking at his back.

  3. I have figured it out. You can flip the pictures over… Go to and grab the edge of a picture and try flip it… tehre is wrting on the back of them

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