RAW review – July 16, 2007 (ongoing commentary)

Live from Corpus Christi, Texas one week from the Great American Bash.

“All hail the King, the King of Kings” hits. The crowd goes nuts expecting Triple H. Instead, King Booker and Queen Sharmell come out. Booker claims to be the only King in wrestling, and asks Jerry Lawler to no longer call himself “the King”. Lawler agrees, reluctantly, until King Booker asks him to kiss Booker’s ring as well. Lawler refuses, and there is a brawl between the two men. Referees separate them, King Booker and Queen Sharmell leave the ring area while Lawler’s music plays, triumphantly.

Superstars are asked their opinions on the championship match at Great American Bash. Ric Flair picks John Cena to win.


Highlights from two weeks ago when Umaga won the Intercontinental championship from Santino Marella.

Fatal Four Way match for the IC title shot at Great American Bash. Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Santino Marella vs. William Regal. Regal gives Marella a stiff kick to the head and pins Santino for the elimination. For some reason Regal and Benjamin argue over who gets to pin Jeff Hardy. Guys, it’s an elimination match. It doesn’t matter which one of you pins him. Hardy pins Regal after a twist of fate. Benjamin tries to catch Hardy off guard with a Buff Blockbuster (done better than Buff ever could) but Hardy kicks out at two. Hardy finally pins Benjamin after a terrible looking roll up.

Edge gives his opinion on John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley at Great American Bash. Edge picks Cena to win.


Recap of Randy Orton slapping Dusty Rhodes, and the following match when Dusty challenged RKO, followed by Cody Rhodes slapping Orton.

Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton about his Bullrope match at the Bash.

Maria is backstage consoling Santino on his loss. Santino tells Maria how much she means to him and asks her to spend the night with him, which she accepts.

Batista picks Lashley to win at the Bash.


Snitsky promo in which he tells us how much he likes inflicting pain.

Snitsky vs. Val Venis. Snitsky wins easily with a pump handle slam.

Todd Grisham interviews Cody Rhodes before his first ever match on Raw (against Randy Orton).


Jerry the King Lawler hypes the Texas Bull Rope match at the Great American Bash. Randy Orton comes out to a highlight reel of the Legend Killer taking out Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam.

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton. Cody has his own music and TitanTron video already. The match was what it should be, Orton dominating with a little offense from Cody. Randy wins with the RKO, followed by a face to face with Dusty and Randy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin picks John Cena to win at the Bash, but also says he wouldn’t be surprised to see Bobby Lashley win.


Melina (with Beth Phoenix and an amazing looking Lucha mask inspired outfit) vs. Mickie James. Candice Michelle comes out to be in Mickie’s corner. Melina wins (clean) with her new guillotine split leg drop (you come up with a name!).


Smackdown Rebound! Highlights of Kane playing mind games on Edge throughout the show.

Edge will make a major announcement Friday on Smackdown. (There has been a rumor that Edge is injured, could he be giving up the belt?)

William Regal asks for Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s 2×4. The gay innuendo is flying until, on cue, Ron Simmons walks into the room. DAMN!

Mick Foley picks Lashley to win, “Lashley at the Bashley”.


Highlights from last week of Sandman caning William Regal.

Sandman vs. Carlito ends with Carlito’s DQ after Regal runs into the ring and attacks Sandman. Hacksaw comes in for the save.

JBL picks Cena to win at the Bash.


Review of the Mr. Kennedy vs. Super Crazy feud.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Super Crazy. Kennedy wins with a backwards suplex (Super Crazy landed on his face) from the top rope.

Reviewing the card for Great American Bash.


Triple H returns video, inspired by the Six Million Dollar Man.  Very well done.

Coach introduces Bobby Lashley and John Cena.  Cena and Lashley answer questions from the Coach.  Cena is on tonight.  Excellent mic work by both men.  Raw ends with a pull apart scuffle.

End of show.


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