Possible new WWE DVDs.

There is a DVD survey on WWE.com asking fan’s opinion on possible and upcoming DVD releases which include:

The Best of Raw: 15th Anniversary Edition (match compilation)                    
The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin (match compilation)                    
Andre the Giant (biography plus matches)                    
Batista Unleashed (match compilation)                    
The British Bulldog (biography plus matches)                    
The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment (biography plus matches)                    
Complete Hell (Hell in a Cell match compilation)                    
SummerSlam: The Complete Anthology (20 Disc Box Set)                  

Triple H (career biography plus match compilation)                    
The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect (biography plus matches)                    
Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Story (biography plus matches)                    
Edge: The Rated R Superstar (match compilation)                    
“Superfly:” The Jimmy Snuka Story (biography plus matches)                    
The Evolution of The Hardys (biography plus matches)                    
Mayhem Outside the Ring (Compilation of the best backstage moments in history)                    
Best of Starrcade (Multi-disc match compilation of WCW’s signature event)                    
Owen Hart (biography plus matches)                    
The Ricky Steamboat Story (biography plus matches)                    
Sting (biography plus matches)                    
Shane McMahon (match compilation).


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