OVW TV July 14, 2007 review.

OVW TV July 14, 2007 review.

I admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to watch OVW.   If I’m off on anyone’s name or a storyline, I apologize, but I’ll try to get better.

Scene from earlier today.  Cody Rhodes and Sean Spears challenge each other to a cage match tonight.

Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin introduce the show.

Mike Kruel (with Roucka) introduces his special guest (and ECW champion) Johnny Nitro.  Nitro insults CM Punk and the OVW fans.  Nitro says he will fight anyone tonight for the ECW title.  Beth Phoenix comes out to introduce Jacob Duncan.  Kruel and Nitro are too frightened by Duncan to wrestle him.  Kruel calls out Ox to wrestle Jacob Duncan instead.


Ox vs. Jacob Duncan.  The referee calls the match after Nitro hits Beth Phoenix with the ECW title.


Charles “the Hammer” Evans vs. Festus Dalton.  Fast win for Evans. The Hammer says he needs fast money and calls out Antoni Polaski to take his slam challenge for $2500.


Armando Alejandro Estrada introduces the contestants for the “Divalympics”.  All the OVW divas are in the ring.  Tonight is a very special “Yo Mama” edition of “Diss the Diva”.  Representing the faces is ODB, representing the heels is Roucka.  It’s as awful as it sounds.  Roucka puts in a poor performance that results in an all Diva brawl with team ODB standing triumphant at the end.


Colt Cabana, Atlas DaBone, Austin the Idol Stevens call out Team America (Kruel, Roucka, Kozlov, Los Locos and the Belgian Brawler).  Brawler and Locos brawl with the three faces.  Everyone abandons Kruel as the faces gang up on him.  Kruel is about to be beaten down when the rest of Team America attacks the faces from behind.


The Major Brothers vs. the James Boys (OVW Southern tag team champions).  DQ win for the Major Brothers while the James Boys beat down the Brothers post match.  Cryme Tyme run out for the save.


A steel cage is set up to hype up Cody Runnels vs. Sean Spears cage match on July 20. Runnels is in the ring when Spears climbs up from under the ring and hits Runnels with a chair.  Runnels and Spears are locked into the cage with no official.   Spears beats down Runnels with the chair for awhile, then begins ramming Runnels into the cage.  Runnels is busted open.  Other OVW superstars try to get into the ring to help but Spears keeps knocking them back with the chair.  Mike Mondo gets in the ring to help Runnels at the same moment that Spears unlocks the cage and runs out.  Spears slams the cage door in Runnels face one last time before leaving.

ECW review July 17, 2007

ECW review July 17, 2007

Live from Laredo, Texas

Joey Styles and Tazz are waiting for Johnny Nitro’s press conference.  Nitro’s spokesman says that “tonight is the last night you will see Johnny Nitro in an ECW ring.”
Tazz and Styles are stunned by this.

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke.  Punk pins Burke after the GTS:  Go To Sleep.


Highlights of last week’s debut of Big Daddy V.

Matt Striker introduces Big Daddy V.

Big Daddy V vs. Tim Storm.  V wins easily after a tilt-a-whirl slam.


The Miz says that all women love him and want to be with him.  Extreme Expose comes out with a “surprise” for Miz.  Miz receives a “private” dance from the ladies.  Kelly Kelly still has not learned how to dance.

Joey Styles and Tazz question what’s going on with Johnny Nitro.

Kevin Thorn vs. Tommy Dreamer.  Thorn wins after ramming Dreamer’s shoulder into the ring post.  Thorn hits the Original Sin on Dreamer after the match.


Johnny Nitro’s spokesman (Paul McBride) comes out.  He lists  Nitro’s accomplishments and then announces that Nitro has changed his name.  Out comes the new John Morrison.  Morrison tells us how amazing he is, repeatedly.  He says that CM Punk has no chance this Sunday at the Great American Bash.  Punk comes out and Morrison beats him with the microphone.  Morrison leaves Punk laying in the ring as we go off the air.

Friday Night Smackdown review July 20, 2007.

Friday Night Smackdown review July 20, 2007.

Teddy Long announces that Edge is injured and is relinquishing the title tonight.  Edge comes out, and asks for “appropriate lighting” for his difficult moment.  After talking about his achievements and injuries, Edge plays a tribute to himself, to the tune of “Simply the Best”.   It’s actually a damn good tribute video, but most of WWE’s are.  Teddy Long announces a 20 man battle royal for the vacant title.  Edge kisses the belt goodbye and sadly hands it to Long.


Footage of Mark Henry, Chris Masters, Eugene, and Kane warming up for the Battle Royal.

Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria.
I don’t know when or how this happened, but Torrie is showing much improvement tonight.  Victoria wins with a Widow’s Peak.

Matt Hardy, Deuce, Domino, Cherry and Batista are all shown preparing for the Battle Royal.

20 man Battle Royal for the World title.
1.  Mark Henry
2. Chavo Guerrero
3. Dave Taylor
4. Matt Hardy
5. Kenny Dykstra
6. Deuce
7. Domino
8. Jimmy Wang Yang
9. Eugene
10. Jamie Noble
11. Chris Masters
12. Brett Major
13. Brian Major
14. Shannon Moore
15. Funaki
16. Batista
17. MVP
18. Finlay
19. Great Khali
20. Kane

Eliminations (Eliminators in parentheses):
1 and 2. Major Brothers (Mark Henry)
3. Shannon Moore (Great Khali)
4. Funaki (Great Khali)
5. Mark Henry (everyone in the ring.)
6 and 7. Deuce and Domino (Batista)
8. Dave Taylor (Batista)
9. Jamie Noble (Batista and Kane)
10. Eugene (Batista and Kane)
11. Kenny Dykstra (Chris Masters)
12. MVP (Matt Hardy)
13. Chris Masters (Chave Guerrero and Jummy Wang Yang)
14. Chavo Guerrero (Jimmy Wang Yang)
15. Jimmy Wang Yang (Hornswoggle)
16. Matt Hardy (Great Khali)
17. Finlay (Batista)
18 and 19. Batista and Kane (Great Khali)

The Great Khali is the new World heavyweight champion.  Teddy Long presents him with the title.


Kristal “interviews” the Great Khali.  Khali’s interpreter says that the Indian people are celebrating around the world, “from New York to New Delhi.”

Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long  sets up a number one’s contender’s match for tonight to decide who will face Khali at the Great American Bash.


Matt Hardy  vs. Kenny Dykstra.  Matt Hardy wins with the Twist of Fate off the second rope.


MVP is interviewed in the back.


Kane vs. Batista for the Number one contender spot.  Great Khali comes out and attacks both men, the match is called for outside interference.  Kane and Batista team up to clothesline Khali out of the ring.  Teddy Long comes out and announces that due to Khali’s interference it is now the Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Kane in a triple threat match for the World title at the Great American Bash.


New Comics List for Wednesday July 25

As always, check with your local comic shop first.  My picks are in bold.

52 Vol 2 TP $19.99
Alan Moore Wild Worlds TP $24.99
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #6 $2.99
American Virgin Vol 2 Going Down TP $14.99
Batman #666 $2.99
Blue Beetle Vol 6 #17 $2.99
Countdown #40 $2.99
Crossing Midnight #9 $2.99
Deathblow Vol 2 #6 $2.99
Gon Vol 1 TP New Printing $5.99
Green Arrow Year One #2 $2.99
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #14 (Sinestro Corps War Tie-In) $2.99
Hawkgirl #66 $2.99
Hellblazer #234 $2.99
JSA Classified #28 $2.99
Martian Manhunter The Others Among Us TP $19.99
Ninja Scroll #11 $2.99
Penguin Revolution Vol 4 TP $9.99
Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter Vol 1 TP $16.99
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #32 $2.99
Superman Vol 3 #665 (Countdown Tie-In) $2.99
Teen Titans Go #45 $2.25
Teen Titans Vol 3 #49 (Amazons Attack Tie-In) $2.99
Testament #19 $2.99
Wetworks Vol 2 #11 $2.99
Wonder Woman Vol 3 #11 (Amazons Attack Tie-In) $2.99

IDW Publishing
Fallen Angel Vol 2 #18 $3.99
Star Trek Year Four #1 $3.99
Tank Girl The Gifting #2 $3.99
Transformers Best Of Simon Furman HC $50.00
Transformers Megatron Origin #2 $3.99

24Seven Vol 2 GN $19.99
America Jr Vol 1 TP $9.99
Battle Pope Color Vol 4 Wrath Of God TP $9.99
Bomb Queen Vol 2 Queen Of Hearts TP $14.99
Chemist $3.50
Dust #1 $3.99
Elephantmen #10 $2.99
Hiding In Time #1 $3.50
Invincible #44 $2.99
Madame Mirage #1 New Ptg $2.99
Ride Die Valkyrie #2 $2.99
Top Cow / Marvel Unholy Union $3.99
Walking Dead #39 $2.99

Witchblade #109 $2.99

All New Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Update #3 $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #542 $2.99
Annihilation Conquest Star-Lord #1 $2.99
Black Panther Vol 4 #29 (Civil War The Initiative Tie-In) $2.99
Cable Deadpool #43 $2.99
Essential Spider-Woman Vol 2 TP $16.99
Fantastic Five Vol 2 #2 $2.99
Heroes For Hire Vol 2 #12 (World War Hulk Tie-In) $2.99
Immortal Iron Fist #7 $2.99
Immortal Iron Fist Vol 1 Last Iron Fist Story HC $19.99
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #108 (World War Hulk Tie-In) $2.99
Iron Man Vol 4 #20 (World War Hulk Tie-In) $2.99
Magician Apprentice #9 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #3 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #1 $4.99
Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol 6 HC $54.99
Marvel Previews #48 August 2007 $0.99
Mighty Avengers #4 (Civil War The Initiative Tie-In) $2.99
Moon Knight Vol 1 Rock Bottom TP $14.99
Onslaught Reborn #4 $2.99
Sensational Spider-Man Vol 2 #39 $2.99
Silver Surfer Requiem #3 $3.99
Spider-Man Fairy Tales #3 $2.99
Spider-Man Reign HC Black Costume Cover $19.99
Thor Vol 3 #1 $2.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four #44 $2.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol 7 HC $29.99
Uncanny X-Men Rise & Fall Of The Shiar HC $34.99
Wolverine Vol 3 #55 $2.99
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #2 $2.99
X-Men Vol 2 #201 (X-Men Endangered Species Tie-In) $2.99

Dark Horse
Berserk Vol 18 TP $13.95
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol 2 #5 $2.99
Fear Agent Last Goodbye #2 $2.99
Grendel Behold The Devil #0 $0.50
Hellboy Darkness Calls #4 $2.99
Speak Of The Devil #1 $3.50
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #18 $2.99
Translucent Vol 1 TP $9.95
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 21 Mother Of Mountains Ltd Ed HC $59.95
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 #104 $2.99


Adhouse Books
Pulphope Art Of Paul Pope SC $29.95

Adventure House
High Adventure #95 $7.95

Black Diamond (AiT/Planetlar) #3 $2.95

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Tron #4 $3.50

Avatar Press
Alan Moores Hypothetical Lizard TP $14.99
Black Summer #1 $2.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Dark Horizons Up Close Cvr $5.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Masterworks Prism Foil Cvr $12.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #0 Sticky Cvr $5.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Warrior Temptress Arachnababe Cvr $5.99
Doktor Sleepless #1 $3.99
Lady Death Shi #0 Close Quarters Cvr $5.99
Lady Death Shi #1 Heat Of Battle Cvr $5.99
Night Of The Living Dead Just A Girl Unholy Cvr $5.99
Plague Of The Living Dead Special #1 Zombie Assault $5.99

Stargate SG-1 2007 Special $2.99
Warren Ellis Black Gas 2 #3 Terror Cvr $3.99
Warren Ellis Crecy GN $6.99

Black Library
Warhammer 40000 Chapter War MMPB $7.99
Warhammer Murder In Marienburg MMPB $7.99

Bongo Comics
Futurama Comics #32 $2.99
Simpsons Classics #13 $3.99

BOOM! Studios
Warhammer 40K Damnation Crusade #6 $2.99

Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #45 $2.95

Broccoli International
Disgaea 2 Vol 2 GN $9.99

Checker Book Publishing Group
Little Nemo In Slumberland Vol 1 Limited Edition HC $49.95
Milton Caniffs Steve Canyon 1954 TP $17.95
Sojourn Vol 5 A Sorcerers Tale TP $17.95

Devils Due Publishing
Demon Wars Vol 1 TP $18.99
Hack Slash #3 Incentive Tim Seeley Sketch Cover $8.00
Patrick The Wolf Boy Vol 3 TP Pocket Ed $12.99
Sheena #2 $3.50

DR Masters Productions
Iron Wok Jan GN #25 $9.95
Junk Record Of The Last Hero Vol 3 GN $9.95
Puri Puri Vol 2 GN $9.95

Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Vol 4 #12 $2.99
Raise The Dead #4 $3.50
Red Sonja Vol 4 #24 $2.99

Fangoria Comics
Robert Kurtzmans Beneath The Valley Of The Rage #2 $3.99

Angry Youth Comix #13 $3.50
Love & Rockets Vol 2 #20 $7.99
Squa Tront #12 The EC Magazine TP $9.95

Friends Of Lulu
Friends Of Lulu Presents Girls Guide To Guy Stuff GN $14.95

Go! Comics
Her Majestys Dog Vol 7 GN $10.99

Harper Collins
Bart Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Spine Tingling Spooktacular TP $15.95
Simpsons Beyond Forever A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family Still Continued Season 11 And 12 TP $13.95
Simpsons Comics Simpsorama TP $12.95
Simpsons Guide to Springfield TP $13.95
Simpsons Rainy Day Fun Book TP $12.95

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Masterpiece Comics
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Penguin Group
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Random House
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Shadow Double Novel Vol 9 $12.95

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Comics Introspective Vol 1 Peter Bagge SC $16.95
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John Romita And All That Jazz SC $24.95
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To Terra Vol 3 TP $13.95

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One Piece Vol 15 GN $7.95
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Tail Of The Moon Vol 6 TP $8.99
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Vol 22 TP $7.95

Wizards Of The Coast
Dragonlance Shadow Of The Flame Taladas Vol 3 MMPB $6.99
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Forgotten Realms Screams Of Stone Watercourse Vol 3 MMPB $6.99
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