Friday Night Smackdown review July 20, 2007.

Friday Night Smackdown review July 20, 2007.

Teddy Long announces that Edge is injured and is relinquishing the title tonight.  Edge comes out, and asks for “appropriate lighting” for his difficult moment.  After talking about his achievements and injuries, Edge plays a tribute to himself, to the tune of “Simply the Best”.   It’s actually a damn good tribute video, but most of WWE’s are.  Teddy Long announces a 20 man battle royal for the vacant title.  Edge kisses the belt goodbye and sadly hands it to Long.


Footage of Mark Henry, Chris Masters, Eugene, and Kane warming up for the Battle Royal.

Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria.
I don’t know when or how this happened, but Torrie is showing much improvement tonight.  Victoria wins with a Widow’s Peak.

Matt Hardy, Deuce, Domino, Cherry and Batista are all shown preparing for the Battle Royal.

20 man Battle Royal for the World title.
1.  Mark Henry
2. Chavo Guerrero
3. Dave Taylor
4. Matt Hardy
5. Kenny Dykstra
6. Deuce
7. Domino
8. Jimmy Wang Yang
9. Eugene
10. Jamie Noble
11. Chris Masters
12. Brett Major
13. Brian Major
14. Shannon Moore
15. Funaki
16. Batista
17. MVP
18. Finlay
19. Great Khali
20. Kane

Eliminations (Eliminators in parentheses):
1 and 2. Major Brothers (Mark Henry)
3. Shannon Moore (Great Khali)
4. Funaki (Great Khali)
5. Mark Henry (everyone in the ring.)
6 and 7. Deuce and Domino (Batista)
8. Dave Taylor (Batista)
9. Jamie Noble (Batista and Kane)
10. Eugene (Batista and Kane)
11. Kenny Dykstra (Chris Masters)
12. MVP (Matt Hardy)
13. Chris Masters (Chave Guerrero and Jummy Wang Yang)
14. Chavo Guerrero (Jimmy Wang Yang)
15. Jimmy Wang Yang (Hornswoggle)
16. Matt Hardy (Great Khali)
17. Finlay (Batista)
18 and 19. Batista and Kane (Great Khali)

The Great Khali is the new World heavyweight champion.  Teddy Long presents him with the title.


Kristal “interviews” the Great Khali.  Khali’s interpreter says that the Indian people are celebrating around the world, “from New York to New Delhi.”

Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long  sets up a number one’s contender’s match for tonight to decide who will face Khali at the Great American Bash.


Matt Hardy  vs. Kenny Dykstra.  Matt Hardy wins with the Twist of Fate off the second rope.


MVP is interviewed in the back.


Kane vs. Batista for the Number one contender spot.  Great Khali comes out and attacks both men, the match is called for outside interference.  Kane and Batista team up to clothesline Khali out of the ring.  Teddy Long comes out and announces that due to Khali’s interference it is now the Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Kane in a triple threat match for the World title at the Great American Bash.



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