OVW TV July 14, 2007 review.

OVW TV July 14, 2007 review.

I admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to watch OVW.   If I’m off on anyone’s name or a storyline, I apologize, but I’ll try to get better.

Scene from earlier today.  Cody Rhodes and Sean Spears challenge each other to a cage match tonight.

Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin introduce the show.

Mike Kruel (with Roucka) introduces his special guest (and ECW champion) Johnny Nitro.  Nitro insults CM Punk and the OVW fans.  Nitro says he will fight anyone tonight for the ECW title.  Beth Phoenix comes out to introduce Jacob Duncan.  Kruel and Nitro are too frightened by Duncan to wrestle him.  Kruel calls out Ox to wrestle Jacob Duncan instead.


Ox vs. Jacob Duncan.  The referee calls the match after Nitro hits Beth Phoenix with the ECW title.


Charles “the Hammer” Evans vs. Festus Dalton.  Fast win for Evans. The Hammer says he needs fast money and calls out Antoni Polaski to take his slam challenge for $2500.


Armando Alejandro Estrada introduces the contestants for the “Divalympics”.  All the OVW divas are in the ring.  Tonight is a very special “Yo Mama” edition of “Diss the Diva”.  Representing the faces is ODB, representing the heels is Roucka.  It’s as awful as it sounds.  Roucka puts in a poor performance that results in an all Diva brawl with team ODB standing triumphant at the end.


Colt Cabana, Atlas DaBone, Austin the Idol Stevens call out Team America (Kruel, Roucka, Kozlov, Los Locos and the Belgian Brawler).  Brawler and Locos brawl with the three faces.  Everyone abandons Kruel as the faces gang up on him.  Kruel is about to be beaten down when the rest of Team America attacks the faces from behind.


The Major Brothers vs. the James Boys (OVW Southern tag team champions).  DQ win for the Major Brothers while the James Boys beat down the Brothers post match.  Cryme Tyme run out for the save.


A steel cage is set up to hype up Cody Runnels vs. Sean Spears cage match on July 20. Runnels is in the ring when Spears climbs up from under the ring and hits Runnels with a chair.  Runnels and Spears are locked into the cage with no official.   Spears beats down Runnels with the chair for awhile, then begins ramming Runnels into the cage.  Runnels is busted open.  Other OVW superstars try to get into the ring to help but Spears keeps knocking them back with the chair.  Mike Mondo gets in the ring to help Runnels at the same moment that Spears unlocks the cage and runs out.  Spears slams the cage door in Runnels face one last time before leaving.


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