Cloverfield 1-18-08 Monstrous

This might be a picture of the poster for Cloverfield.  It shows the “official” title being Monstrous.  The picture is blurry, supposedly it was taken with a camera phone.  I’ve seen camera phone pics.  It’s not this blurry unless you want it to be.



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  1. ok im totaly convinced it’s a Voltron movie now…i read a rumor that it was and thought no way…now the more i look at it though, it has to be…the flavors are robot monster that they will face…the earth elements are realated to the Voltron lions each having it’s own environmental power…and the people in the pictures will be the unlikely “space explorers” that save the day….now it won’t be a lion themed Voltron, cuz’ thats just dumb…there were actually 3 Voltron robots (lions,vehicles,and 3 bots) that all merged to form Voltron…i know it’s a stretchand it’s not an official adaptation of the series, but it’s gotta be biq f’n robots fighting big f’n monsters….

    ’nuff said

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