Louise Glover – 2007 Diva Search finalist!


From Louise Glover’s MySpace page:

Oh my god I made it into the WWE Diva Search Finals 2007. yipppppeeeeeeeee.

I have waited and trained all my life for this opportunity. If I win I get $250,000 plus a WWE contract.

I’ve known for months i’m in the Diva Search and had several interviews to get me in the finals, WWE spotted me in Miss Hawaiian Tropic Finals in Las vegas, as I recently won was Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 07. I hope your as excited as I am, this is it, now or never. I’m the fittest and leanest I’ve ever been, I’ve been in so many competitions and beauty pageants I’m really ready to get my hands dirty and win a world title. I’m going to make an excellent Wrestler cause I’m a former fitness instrutor,trampolinist and gymnast, So Diva Victoria will have to teach me those back somersaults from the 3rd corner ropes. I’m this years bikini babe”Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2007″ and “Playboys special editions Model of the Year 2006”. Everthing I do is American maybe I should of just been an American and not British, but I will fly our flag proudly with my British accent and bring back Louise Glover as the new “Foxy Star” of Great Britain… Thats my Nick name. Foxy Star… I love it.

I was made up when I met the legend Mr Hulk Hogan recently in Miami and he gave me some of the best advice to be a wrestler. I can’t wait to meet the Divas of WWE Ashley, Torrie and Victoria,Christy And not to mention the superstars Bobby Lashly, John Cena, Batista and everyone else at WWE.

The final is on Aug 16th in Los Angeles. And on Live sky TV at the weekend.

Watch this space for all the gossip, and my new wrestling pics and behind the scenes footage.

A very excited Louise Glover x x x

Any Press and Media interest contact:



8 Responses

  1. SHES HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She is v hot i like her n her confidence.
    keep it up babe….

  3. She’s very hot, and I wish during Diva Matches that they would take more time to go into detail about why we should vote for these divas

    I definately would have voted for her, had i known she won all those awards and was that athletic :D

  4. louise glover is very hot i like HOT

  5. you look hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. she is realy HOT

  7. hot and sizzling………….

  8. those pillows wow

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