Smackdown spoilers.

Batista over Domino with the Batista Bomb, Domino got a lot of offense, interference by Deuce.

Hornswoggle beat Jamie Noble via count out to retain the Cruiserweight Championship Belt.

Chavo Guerrero beat Eugene with the Frog Splash.
Matt Hardy & Ric Flair beat MVP and Chris Masters when Hardy pinned Masters with the Twist of Fate. Afterwards, MVP got on the mic and told Flair and Hardy that he beat both of them, and Hardy challenge him to a match and he would choose the stipulations.

Shows Kristal, Teddy Long, and Vickie backstage with Ron Simmons, Long asks Simmons to be his best man, Simmons accepts by saying Damn, ahem, yes.

Mark Henry beat some dude, squash, Henry gets on the mic and lets everyone know that no man or beast vcan beat him.

Jimmy Yang Wang & Torrie Wilson over Kenny Dykstra and Victoria when Yang pinned Dystrka with an awesome Asai Moonsault.

Edge video of his surgery.

Kane beat Dave Taylor with the Choke Slam.

The Great Khali has a celebration filled with horrible indian dancers (2 of which were white, haha). Loud fireworks, Batista interrupts celebration and challenges Khali to a one on one match and takes down Khali. I would of popped for this if Khali came out in a camel or elephant.


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