Cloverfield 1-18-08 – Three monsters?

I’m getting bits and pieces of things from fans.  I don’t know where this originally came from, but here are the bits and pieces that are coming in.

I LOVE the thoery about the three beasts.
Okay, this is what I think.
So we all know that…
Behemoth = Earth
Leviathan= Water
Ziz= Air

If you ago to the SLUSHO! site the downloads section takes you to a page where the two kids are in the air possibly being a clue for Ziz.
On the homepage the kids are on the ground (Clue for Behemoth?).
& When you go to the History section it takes you to the kids swimming underwater. [Leviathan]”

I think the fact that the site has the 2 kids placed in all 3 environments is pretty interesting. I never actually noticed it before, I was so caught up with something being extremely hidden or code-like that maybe it was just sitting in front of us the whole time. Who knows, but I think it definitely could mean something.

I also re-watched the trailer again, and it may just be me looking for things now that I read this but in the trailer you hear 3 distinctive Growls or Roars, if you listen to them carefully, they almost all sound different. Hrmmm… but again, it could just be me hearing what I want to hear, but listen for yourself.

Cloverfield 1-18-08 Monstrous poster.

Here’s a better view of the possible poster.


Watchmen casting.

According to both of today’s Hollywood trades, the long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen has the first additions to its cast, and they are Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Matthew Goode, Billy Crudup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Malin Akerman. Zack Snyder 300 directs.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Set in an alternate America, ‘Watchmen’ follows costumed hero Rorschach, who is living a vigilante lifestyle because most masked heroes have retired or been outlawed. While investigating a murder, Rorschach learns that a former masked-hero colleague has been killed, prompting him to begin investigating a possible conspiracy.”

Haley – best known for this roles as a teen in Breaking Away and The Bad News Bears before mounting a comeback with his Oscar-nominated role in Little Children will play Walter Kovacs, aka Rorschach, “who ignores the ban on costumed vigilantes.”

Crudup (Almost Famous, long-time voice of the Mastercard “Priceless” commercials) will play Dr. Manhattan, “a superpowered being with godlike powers and temperament.”

Akerman will play Laurie Juspeczyk/the Silk Spectre, “who is involved with Dr. Manhattan — but that relationship begins to fall apart as he becomes more disconnected from humanity.”

Goode will play Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, “a costumed adventurer who retired voluntarily, disclosed his identity and built a large fortune. He hatches a plot to avert a global catastrophe he believes will be caused by Dr. Manhattan.”

Wilson will play the Nite-Owl, “a crime-fighter who uses technical wizardry and has an owl-shaped flying vehicle.”

Morgan will play the Comedian, “a cigar-chomping, gun-toting vigilante-turned-paramilitary agent.”

Shooting is set to start this fall in Vancouver, with Snyder reportedly employing many of the filming techniques he used for his adaptation of 300.

Babe of the MONTH – Vyper!

Vyper helps us celebrate the month of July.





Y: The Last Man movie news.

Brian Vaughn, now on the “Lost” writing staff, writes a popular comic book called “Y: The Last Man,” about the last penis-equipped human on the planet.
His story has resonated with the Comic Con crowd.
The “Disturbia” team of director D.J. Caruso and screenwriter Carl Ellsworth is bringing the project to the big screen.

A Christmas Carol movie news.

Jim Hill Media has a very interesting report that Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Tom Hanks are all in talks to join Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol”….

This is on top of Jim Carey playing all three ghosts and Scrooge.

Lost news.

Walt returned in “Lost’s” third-season finale, and now we learn that daddy Michael is not far behind.
ABC president Stephen McPherson announced this morning that Harold Perrineau will rejoin “Lost” for its fourth season, which begins airing early next year.
McPherson also said to expect lots of additional “Lost” announcements at Comic Con in a few days.

Star Trek movie news.

Zachary Quinto was neither confirming nor denying reports that he’s in line to play a young Spock in Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek pic. “I’m under strict orders not to say anything,” he said. Luckily, my BFF Greg Grunberg was under no such gag order. “How exciting is that?” he enthused. “Now I’ve got to beg, plead and scrape to get in that movie!”

Raw moving to three hours?

The USA network is becoming increasingly concerned with the recent ratings dip on Raw. So much so that Bonnie Hammer has been more involved in sending in ideas to the company. Storyline ideas, requests to bring back more stars like Austin and Mankind, and as one person put it “more Vince Russo style shows”. Vince McMahon has been somewhat lukewarm but supportive of the ideas, while Stephanie McMahon as head of creative is not taking them seriously at all. Hammer wants more storylines like the Vince’s Limo storyline, so the viewer seems to be watching an action show rather than a sports entertainment program. There had been a major push from within USA to extend Raw to 3 hours, no word on how the ratings slip has affected those wishes.

Random OVW news.

Cryme Tyme are the new Southern Tag Team Champions, beating the James Boys at the OVW show in Owensboro, KY this past weekend.

Speaking of OVW, Teddy Hart, Nattie Neidhart and Harry Smith are all working here and have debuted new matching gear. The idea of a Hart Foundation 2007 had been discussed for a long time and it looks like this is the beginning of preparation for that. Of course, plans can change, particularly if Teddy screws up. No confirmation on whether TJ Wilson would end up part of the group.