WWE news – What happened to the Jackass match at Summerslam?

The Jackass deal is off before it ever began. The original plan was to debut the guys several weeks ago in preparation for a major match at SummerSlam. The debut date kept being pushed back, and the latest was scheduled for Great American Bash. At one point it nearly fell through as Steve-O, when backstage a month or so back shooting a commercial for SummerSlam, went around and was asking all sort of guys to choke him out as part of one of his upcoming videos. Vince was irate and nearly axed the entire deal, but Shane McMahon, who was the guy pushing hardest for the deal in the first place, talked him out of it and cooler heads prevailed.

The angle was in some ways also pushed on them by USA Network and Bonnie Hammer, who has felt that ratings are slipping because there aren’t enough celebrities on the show, plus Steve-O is starring in a new show that debuts in October called DR. STEVE-O. The working idea was to use Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and a number of other characters in a handicap match at SummerSlam, all facing Umaga.

One of the SummerSlam posters included a shot of Umaga on the beach with all the Jackass guys buried up to their heads in the sand. I believe in the match Umaga was going to destroy all of them in spectacular fashion (which it would have to be given their reputation), but then something would happen at the finish and the babyfaces (yes, the Jackass crew were supposed to be the babyfaces) were going to go over. So anyway, once the Benoit thing occurred, Knoxville got cold feet. He had agreed to a couple of dates and the PPV, but then started cutting out more and more dates, and then finally this weekend he announced that he didn’t want to be involved. The other guys were still available, but WWE decided without Knoxville they didn’t want to go through with it. According to one source, the plan was for them to cost Umaga his match with Hardy at the PPV, but once it fell through Umaga retained and now they’ll set up the rematch for SummerSlam


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