Babe of the MONTH – An interview with Vyper!


Hellions:  What led you, at 20 years old, to choose wrestling as a career?

Vyper:  I grew up basically living sitting on my grandfathers knee watching the sport on TV. So, when it came time to pick a career, The only thing I knew I had the heart for, was wrestling.

Where did the name Vyper come from?

Haha, Actually. My mother gave it to me when I was 3 years old. I was a very verbal child if I didn’t like someone. And I reminded her of the Snake. However Viper was spelled differently back then :)

Do you have a “real” job (not that wrestling isn’t real, but you know how some people are), do they know that you wrestle, and how helpful are they in working around your wrestling schedule?

I do creative work when I am not doing the business. It’s a back burner job though. Wrestling will always be my number 1 of course. People who find out what I do are always shocked. And do a double take. i guess it’s not something you hear everyday.

Who got you into wrestling as a fan?

If it wasn’t my grandfather, then it was an ex-boyfriend. He was obsessed with it. which got me obsessed. But I can thank him for that much.

Who got you into wrestling as a wrestler?

My Fiance. He has pushed me to pursue all my dreams. And without him. I couldn’t do any of this.

Would you rather wrestle, valet, or a combination of the two?

I would love to valet Edge at sometime in my career. Shooting for the stars as always. But it’s a dream. And to Wrestle… Victoria, she inspires me.

What differences do you see between fans in Florida, and fans in California? Have you had to adapt to these differences and if so, how?

Florida fans and Cali Fans are all the same really. You get some people who are “all over you fans” or you get the “hey, you’re Vyper, that’s coll type of fans” Not much of a difference

I see on your MySpace page that fans have asked you if Vince McMahon was really killed. As any wrestler and many fans have seen, there is a mix of smart fans and (to put it nicely) the less intelligent fans at every show. Would you rather deal with fans who think everything’s real, or the ones who feel they’re too “smart” for the show?

To be honest, I do enjoy both of them. The ones that know whoever I am dealing with is my real boyfriend or just an act. It plays well when you do storyline’s. People arguing in front you of about your storyline. It’s humorous.

Who are your wrestling influences? Who’s style, moves, attitude, do you study in order to improve your own performance.

Edge is one of them. I like his in ring style and attitude (without the tounge and head shaking) :)

Since becoming a wrestler, have you met any other wrestlers you looked up to, and did you feel like a fan or an equal?

I got to meet Sabu recently. He is a great wrestler. I was afraid to walk over to him at first being the star strucked little fan. But once I sat with him. I felt like an equal of some kind .

Have you had a fan idolize you the way that you idolize your influences?

I have a few little fans. under the ages of 10. They are the best. Mostly the girls who say they wanna be me when they grow up. It’s a very humbling feeling.

There are many references to you as a “future WWE Diva”. Would you rather be hired through a Diva search, or work your way up through the independents?

If I make it to the WWE, I’d rather make it through working my tush off. Then winning a beauty pageant. Nothing against those girls. But some don’t even know the business. And you can’t get respect from a contest.

The Diva search girls and Playboy have gone together in the last few years. If you were in WWE and asked, would you pose in Playboy or would you go along with Trish Stratus and Lita in the “less is more” approach?

I agree with Trish, Less is more. Why show the whole package. At least not for a long time.

What problems have you seen with fellow wrestlers and relationships (co-workers dating, jealousy, groupies) and how do you avoid any problems in your own life?

You see a lot of “wrong” things back stage. If you aren’t into any of that. Then you simply just walk away from it. It’s not hard to get away from that stuff. But it’s hard to get out of your head.

After hearing all of the media coverage of Chris Benoit this month do you believe that there is a problem in wrestling, or that the number of deaths is just a terrible coincidence?

I believe wrestlers rely to much on foreign products. (Some Do) I understand the business wants the men to come off strong and big. But there is a limit to that. You can be just as scary and popular if you were without the stuff too. If the product was good for you. They wouldn’t call it foreign.

In your blogs you have said that Edge is your favorite wrestler, but what do you think of Adam Copeland (as in the Matt Hardy and Lita drama)?

Edge (The Wrestler) is my favorite. I believe the whole triangle they made was stupid. It was personal issues they made into a storyline. Which I didn’t agree with, I am just happy it is over. Edge (the person) i have not met. Everyone makes mistakes in life. No reason to turn your backs so quickly on them for.

Finally, what would you like your fans to know about you and is there anything they could do to help your career?

The fans are my career. If no one cheers or boo’s you. You are finished. As long as they keep up the boo’s or the cheers I am very grateful for them.
Thank you.

No, thank you Vyper.

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