TNA Impact Spoilers.

Week One (Airs 8/2):

– Jim Cornette announces Cage & Styles vs. Abyss & Sting in a ladder match. If Cage’s team wins they no longer have to deal with Abyss but if Abyss’ team wins he gets Cage in any match he wants at Hard Justice.

– Kurt Angle is shown arriving to the building with his wife and daughter. He makes his wife carry all his titles and bags.

(1) Team 3D d. Chris Harris & Eric Young. Dustin Rhodes attacked Harris which led to 3D pinning Young after a spiked piledriver.

– Angle berates his family backstage.

(2) Chris Daniels & Senshi d. Black Machismo & Sonjay Dutt. Sabin & Shelley looked on from ringside.

– Kurt Angle visits with Dr. Nash. He accuses his wife of looking at Nash’s package.

(3) Abyss & Sting d. Christian Cage & AJ Styles in a ladder match. Tomko attacked Abyss as he was climbing the ladder but Test (The Punisher Andrew Martin) debuted making the save.

Week Two (Airs 8/9):

– Cornette announces Sting, The Punisher Andrew Martin and Abyss vs Christian Cage, Tomko and AJ Styles in a Barbwire Cage match at Hard Justice.

(1) Devon and Kip James d. Homicide & Rick Steiner. Said to have been awful.

(2) Robert Roode, James Storm and Raven d. Kazarian, Chris Harris and Rhino in a House of Fun match.

– Samoa Joe comes to the ring with Karen Angle and rips on Kurt until he comes out. He begs for Karen to take him back. Team 3D hit the ring and attack Joe. They want the tag titles. Angle joins in and it’s a 3 on 1 beat down until the Steiners make the save.

Xplosion / TNA Today:

(1) Sabin & Shelley d. Black Machismo & Petey Williams.

(2) Hernandez d. Lance Hoyt.

Note: Matt Morgan was serving as Jim Cornette’s Body Guard during the tapings. Morgan was present in Cornette’s Office and was at ring side when Jim Cornette made his announcements.


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