Smackdown Spoilers.

The show starts with MVP in the ring in the VIP Lounge. He brings out his new Tag Team Championship partner, Matt Hardy. They showed the recap of MVP making the pin last week. He says he won the match on his own because he is better than Matt. Matt had them show another clip of MVP with both belts on the phone telling someone that he won the Tag titles on his own. Matt comes in to get his belt, sucker punches MVP and takes his belt. Back to the lounge and MVP tells Matt they have a rematch at Unforgiven with Deuce & Domino. He also tells Matt that he has a match tonight as a warm-up against Deuce. He calls for a ref and the guys to clear the ring.

Matt Hardy over Deuce – MVP tripped Deuce and Matt got the pin for the win.

Kenny Dykstra and Victoria come out for a match. Chuck Palumbo’s music hits but he never comes out. It plays for several minutes and there’s nothing. Victoria gets a make and says that Kenny is a future hall of famer. Kenny says that he has the brightest future on Smackdown and that he’s so good that nobody in the back wants to face him. We announces himself the winner by forfeit. There may have been a problem though as a production guy flew over the barricade and ran to the back.

(This segment was retaped – see below. Motorcycle problem?)

Kane & Batista over Finlay & Kane.

Jamie Noble set a leprechaun trap in the back for Hornswoggle using Lucky Charms as bait.

Chuck Palumbo w/ Michelle McCool over Kenny Dykstra w/ Victoria.

In the back, Hornswoggle  takes the bait and gets under the trap, Noble pulls the rope but it breaks. He checks and the Cruiserweight belt is under it. He goes for the belt but it gets pulled out and the trap falls on Noble.

Cruiserweight Championship:

Hornswoggle over Jamie Noble via Countout.  Noble didn’t come out so the ref rang the bell and counted him out. Jamie hit the ring right at the count of 10 but not in time.

I Quit Match: Rey Mysterio over Chavo Guerrero.  Rey took out Chavo the same way by hitting his knee with a chair repeatedly while he was hung up in the corner.

After the match, Great Khali comes out and puts the claw on Rey. Batista comes out for the save and takes out Khali. Teddy Long comes out and makes a change the World title match at Unforgiven. It’s now going to be Great Khali v. Rey Mysterio v. Batista in a triple threat.


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