WWE – Cryme Tyme release details.

Cryme Tyme was fired by WWE after the 9/1 RAW house show. While we were aware some kind of backstage altercation with Cade & Murdoch was involved after the two teams’ match, details were sketchy until now.

Apparently, there was a problem laying out the match backstage, and a comment was made clear by either Cade or Murdoch that whatever the problem, maybe it will be settled in the ring. Then during the actual bout, Jason Paul (JTG) found himself outside the ring for a regular spot they do, but ended up being counted out. One version of the story is that the tag champs told the ref ahead of time they were keeping JTG outside the ring as a rib because of the backstage chat before the match. However, Cryme Tyme ended up attacking the ref, and while they weren’t shooting, they were said to have gone too hard on him, even giving him the G9 (their double-team finishing move) which didn’t sit well with anyone as the ref wasn’t a wrestler, nor was he trained to take bumps and could have ended up seriously hurt. They took his belt off and threw it into the stands. Keep in mind none of this was scripted or planned.

Apparently, the scuffle continued backstage, as Cryme Tyme belittled the ref to the point it created a scene and John Cena had to break it up and tell them to leave the guy alone. Then they yelled at Barry Windham who produced the match, as they felt he should take the blame for double-crossing them. Windham stood his ground and reported the ref did the count-out finish because it was simply a count-out situation and WWE refs are taught to react in real time to matches these days, so JTG shouldn’t have spent so much time outside the ring. Surely upon hearing all this, having in mind the firing mode he’s been in, Vince McMahon didn’t last long before he let the two go.

As we reported previous, Shad wrote after these events that WWE is a “family” and he knows he’ll be back some day.


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