WWE- Update on Ric Flair situation.

Flair quit after having his big retirement angle shot down numerous times. Austin was pissed that Flair wasn’t going to be at Mania this past year, and he came up with an idea to build to Flair’s retirement at Mania 24. Basically, Flair would lose a match, snap, and claim that the next time he lost he would retire. He would then go onto a winning streak that would cross over all three brands, with guys trying to be the guy to beat Flair, and Flair finally losing in a high profile match, possibly for a belt, at Mania, with him getting into the HOF the night before.

Vince was said to have loved the idea, and when pitching it he mentioned it was Austins, and the decisions were made to go ahead with the angle. That, obviously, never happened, and that initially pissed flair off. Once he was moved to Smackdown, the idea was to push him as the Babe Ruth of Wrestling, but that never happened either. The retirement angle was, again, brought up, but never moved on. Flair was also pissed about being left off the Columbia SC taping, because he could have been the second most over guy there, and also about losing clean to Finlay. Also, Flair was upset with Triple H saying that Flair can’t beat top guys at his age because it is a credibility issue.

Flair is said to be content with staying away and getting his finance business off the ground. Vince is pissed because Flair owes him money from when Vince helped him with the IRS and his court charges.

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