ECW spoilers for September 11, 2007.

Armando Estrada came out first, followed by CM Punk. Punk got a great reaction, Estrada got a shower of boos. Pretty boring segment…only purpose was “estabolishing” Elijah Burke as Punk’s number one contender at Unforgiven. Does anyone think Burke will actually win the belt?

Matt Striker (w/Big Daddy V) def. Nunzio in a extremely short match. Big Daddy V (who, from far away, still jiggles) came in to destroy Nunzio. V looked bored with himself. Boogeyman appeared on the screen to warn V about something that I didn’t catch. Boogeyman’s music is good live.

The Miz (w/Extreme Expose) def. Tommy Dreamer- this one’s sure to piss off any old ECW fans left. It was a short, boring match. Neither of the two did much. As eye candy, Extreme Expose flanked Miz.

Mike Knox def. Balls Mahoney. Balls will probably keep losing until he hooks up with Kelly Kelly, who for some reason didn’t come out this time to check on Balls. Knox, who has been gone forever, looked OK here.

CM Punk/Stevie Richards def. Elijah Burke/Kevin Thorn. Nothing special at all here. Punk was fine when he was in at the end. The two heels bored me like many of the matches so far.

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