Smackdown spoilers for September 14, 2007.


Chuck Palumbo/Michelle McCool def. Kenny Dykstra/Victoria. Match was made into a mixed tag team match after Chuck and Kenny brawled in the ring during a match between McCool and Victoria. Fine match, but didn’t really do much. Dykstra’s gimmick (if he even has one) is boring and not helping him at all. Palumbo is fun, and will probably keep being pushed.

Shannon Moore def. Jamie Noble. Moore knew about Jamie’s fear of Hornswaggle under the ring, so he took advantage of that to pin Noble with a roll up. Dumb ending, but good match. Moore is a good high flyer and could be really good if used well. I’ve never been a fan of Noble, but he’s decent. Good match that could’ve been better had it been given more time.

Domino (w Deuce & Cherry) def. MVP (w/Matt Hardy). Bad match because MVP didn’t get any time to shine in the ring. Matt Hardy came out to support MVP. Hardy grabbed a mic during the match and yelled “M…V…P” to which the crowd yelled “sucks!” Nice little chemistry there. Deuce attempted to enter the ring, but Hardy took him out. However, this distracted MVP, who got pinned by Domino. MVP wrestled in half a suit. Match had many rest holds and not enough cheating tactics from MVP. In a nutshell, it was more for storyline development. On a minor note, Deuce & Domino’s music is just as good live as it is on TV, unlike some other cases.

Throughout the night, there was a lot of the Theodore Long/Kristal Marshall wedding hype and preparations going on. The audience couldn’t have cared less. Boring and very uncreative are the two words that I can think of to describe it. Ron Simmons appeared, so you know what that means. His “DAMN!” never gets old! Good pop from the crowd from it also. Simmons was the only positive about it. Big Dick Johnson definitely was disturbing yet again. Why, exactly, is there a fat male stripper running around backstage?

Finlay def. Kane in a street fight. Painfully slow and plodding in the beginning, but got a lot better as it went on. The match had a good brawl feeling, and both men (esp. Finlay) know the ring and it’s surroundings well. It would’ve been better had Kane been playing up his “indestructible” gimmick, but here, he was just an average wrestler. He was good, but it wasn’t really Kane-style. Ending was a little too abrupt for me (I would’ve liked a few more minutes), but it was a good fight. Best match on the card, but that isn’t saying much.

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def. The Great Khali (w/Interpreter) via DQ when Khali wouldn’t release the Vice Grip with Batista on the ropes, or something like that. Horrible dud of a match, but what did you expect? It was kept really short (about 5 minutes), so at least we weren’t exposed to much of Khali, who sucks live just like he does on screen. Khali also goes by the script every time he is out there with the title- he appears to do the same stuff every week. The only positives from the match were Batista’s spinebuster and Khali’s music, which is actually very good live.

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