Smackdown – Plans for Kristal and Vickie Guerrero.

Michael Hayes was the one who pushed for the heart attack route in the Kristal/Teddy wedding storyline. He had been wanting to an angle involving Viagra for quite some time. The Viagra induced heart attack on the wedding night had actually been scripted since June.

The plan was for Vickie Guerrero (and at one time Kristal but she’s likely staying babyface) to get hold of Long’s medical records, find out about the medical condition, and orchestrate this whole thing out of the storyline. The big goal of this storyline is to turn Vickie into a major heel.

The plan is now for Vickie to turn heel, and then turn her wrath against Rey in particular, to do a Hispanic version of Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon. She is also likely to fire Kristal.

The plan for Kristal was for her to move to raw following the storyline. She’s currently in a real life relationship with Bobby Lashley and he asked Vince McMahon if she could move to raw to be with him. However, Lashley is out of acton till at least December, so that may be held off for a few months.

Another idea being batted around for Vickie to get even more heat from the fans is for her to start a relationship with one of the male wrestlers on smackdown. The idea is that the wrestler would get preferential treatment and it would make her more of a heel to the fans because she’s betraying Eddie. The other idea being talked about is that the wrestler up for the role would be using Vickie to get preferential treatment and Vickie would be trying to get the wrestler ‘in the sack’ in exchange. The wrestler would tease the idea but it would never actually happen in the storyline because the wrestler isn’t interested in going to bed with her; he just wants to use her to further his career.

MVP appears to be the primary candidate for the role. There has also ben talk of using Edge in the role but MVP seems more likely.

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