TNA Impact! spoilers.

*TNA champion Kurt Angle did a promo inside the ring promising to learn who Sting’s partner is at Genesis. Sting says his partner is a former WCW and WWE World champion who hates Angle. Kevin Nash comes out and beats up Angle.

*Kaz beat James Storm in a Fight for the Right semifinal.

*Team 3D cut a promo running down the X-Division. The Motor City Machineguns run them down on the mic. 3D get into it with them and go under the ring to get tables but they are nowhere to be found. The X-Division (XXX, Sonjay, Havoc, Shark Boy, etc.) attack 3D, bring tables from backstage and lay them out.

*Awesome Kong defeated Christy Hemme.

*TNA Women’s champ Gail Kim & Samoa Joe defeated Ms. Brooks & Robert Roode. Roode blames Brooks for the loss and goes after her. Gail Kim and Samoa Joe make the save. Joe and Roode brawl into the crowd. Lots of blood and a good brawl which saw Roode’s “fan” (Rain from SHIMMER) try to get involved.

*TNA announced Junior Fatu would not be there tonight.

*Christian Cage defeated Chris Harris in a Fight for the Right semifinal. After the match, Cage attacked him with a ladder and a top rope frog splash.

*Kevin Nash tells Kurt Angle that he knows who Sting’s partner will be and he’ll be there next week….Scott Hall.

*TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles and Tomko defeated LAX. After the match, members of the Latino Nation ran off the champions, who then brawled with the Steiners.


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