Spider-Man One More Day SPOILERS!!!

The outcome of One More Day:

The marriage will be erased from history due to a deal that is offered to Peter. He has to undo some points in history that led to his unmasking in order to save Aunt May. While he is pondering the ethics of the choice made to him, MJ secretly makes the deal for him. Because she was instrumental in his choice to unmask, she chooses to go back and never reveal she knew he was Spider-Man. This undoes the marriage. As a “gift” due to her bold choice, she is granted powers and becomes Jackpot. She is warned that if she reveals the past to Peter, who has no memory of it, then it will create a timeline shockwave. As a result, Peter is back to status quo, single and with a secret identity. Aunt May doesn’t know who is either.


One Response

  1. A lame way of undoing what Marvel writers have been building over the past years…

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