WWE – Sports Illustrated WrestleMania article.

Which you can find here.

WWE – Great article on WrestleMania.

Go to the PWInsider story here.  Dave Scherer has a fantastic write up on WrestleMania.  If you haven’t watched the show yet, this will make you want to order it immediately.

WWE – Major spoiler for tonight’s Raw.

from pwinsider.com

There will be a Ric Flair retirement ceremony on tonight’s edition of Raw. Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon are backstage, so with Arn Anderson and Barry Windham working for WWE, it certainly looks like we’ll be seeing a reunion of the strongest (and in my opinion, the best) Four Horsemen combination for the first time in the same place since late 1988.

WWE – Statement regarding fireworks malfunction.

The following statement was issued by WWE today:

WWE® Statement On Fireworks

STAMFORD, Conn., March 31, 2008- World Wrestling Entertainment® issued the following statement today concerning the fireworks display that occurred at the end of WrestleMania® XXIV in Orlando:

We’re investigating the incident and doing everything we can to find out why it happened and to make sure it never happens again. While we apologize to anyone who was injured and/or alarmed by this occurrence, we take solace in the fact that the reported injuries were minor.

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com. For information on our global activities, go to http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/

TNA – Impact spoilers for April 10.

from WrestlingObserver.com

TNA Impact Tapings for April 10:

– Curry Man defeated Johnny Devine in a dark match.

– Impact opened with Team Tomko and Team Cage. Sting & Kevin Nash vs. Team 3D was announced for the main event. Christian Cage told Tomko not to think because he was always one step ahead of him. The segment ends with Team Cage almost taking out AJ Styles who was left all alone in the ring.

– Consequences Creed defeated Jimmy Rave.

– Scott Steiner & Petey Williams defeated The Motor City Machineguns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley). Steiner had Petey do his last initiation which was cutting his hair.

– Contract signing takes place between TNA World Champion Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe for Lockdown. Both sign the contract and Joe promises to never wrestle again if he didn’t win the title.

– Roxxi Laveaux defeated Angelina Love.

– “Super Eric” defeated Black Reign.

– Sting & Kevin Nash defeated Team 3D via DQ when both teams got involved to cause the DQ finish.

TNA – Impact spoilers for April 3.

from Wrestling Observer:

Robert Roode b Jay Lethal in a non-title match.

Matt Morgan allowed James Storm to be added to Team Tomko for Lethal  Lockdown.

Scott Steiner was going to cash in a briefcase for a title shot.

Homicide & Hernandez & Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley b Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt & Black Reign & Rellik with the post-match Super Eric save.

A.J. Styles & Tomko b Christian Cage & Rhino via DQ. Team 3-D and Kevin Nash did staggered post-match run-ins.

Shark Boy b Elix Skipper to get into the Escape the Cage X title match at Lockdown.

Traci Brooks b Payton Banks. All the women on the roster except the big three did post-match run-ins.

Kurt Angle wants Samoa Joe to sign a document saying he would retire if he doesn’t win the title.

Steiner said he wants the Joe-Angle winner in May.

Sting b James Storm. Morgan helped out Sting and revealed a Team Cage T-shirt so he’s added to the Lockdown match as well as the final member of Team Cage.

UFC – Tim Sylvia released.

from WrestlingObserver.com:

UFC has confirmed that Tim Sylvia was released from his contract, which had one fight left. Sylvia’s announcement, believed to be he is leaving UFC, perhaps for M-1 Global, will be made on tonight’s Inside MMA show on HD-Net.

WWE- WrestleMania notes.

The handler who was taking most of the bumps during the Big Show-Mayweather match was Charles “The Hammer” Evans, who has been in developmental for a while.

WWE officials were overall pleased with Mania backstage.

We have not heard of any major injuries from the show thus far other than the minor bumps and bruises.

The reason the triple threat match did not go on last as planned is obviously because they didn’t do a title change and they wanted a big event to end the show.

A power failure occurred at WrestleMania XXIV during the Bunny Mania match. According to several correspondents they lost lights, all the monitors, and the huge video board above the ring. While the engineering crew worked vigorously to get the power back on, they used backup power to light the ring. Several people reported that it was very hard to see the ending of the Bunny Mania match as the backup power had very limited lighting. The power was restored shortly after the Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H match started.

WWE – Kevin Nash at ‘Mania.

from prowrestling.net

Word has it that Steve Austin and Kevin Nash sat in the McMahon family luxury box at WrestleMania 24. Nash has been hanging out with his friends from WWE all weekend during their stay in Orlando. Nash’s friendship with WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels landed him a spot on their guest list.

WWE – Ric Flair offered ‘Mania main event.

from prowrestling.net

Many wrestling fans were hopeful that Ric Flair’s match against Shawn Michaels would be the final match to close out last night’s WrestleMania XXIV. It turns out that Flair was offered the main event spot but turned it down.

There was a pitch made by a creative team member to have the final shot of WrestleMania be a spotlight on Flair’s boots and robe. However, Flair strongly disagreed with those sentiments when the idea was brought up to him during a press conference held prior to the WWE Hall of Fame convention.

Flair told reporters that nothing is more important than the title belts and insisted that his match with Michaels did not belong in the main event position.