TNA – Impact spoilers for April 3.

from Wrestling Observer:

Robert Roode b Jay Lethal in a non-title match.

Matt Morgan allowed James Storm to be added to Team Tomko for Lethal  Lockdown.

Scott Steiner was going to cash in a briefcase for a title shot.

Homicide & Hernandez & Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley b Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt & Black Reign & Rellik with the post-match Super Eric save.

A.J. Styles & Tomko b Christian Cage & Rhino via DQ. Team 3-D and Kevin Nash did staggered post-match run-ins.

Shark Boy b Elix Skipper to get into the Escape the Cage X title match at Lockdown.

Traci Brooks b Payton Banks. All the women on the roster except the big three did post-match run-ins.

Kurt Angle wants Samoa Joe to sign a document saying he would retire if he doesn’t win the title.

Steiner said he wants the Joe-Angle winner in May.

Sting b James Storm. Morgan helped out Sting and revealed a Team Cage T-shirt so he’s added to the Lockdown match as well as the final member of Team Cage.


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