WWE – Fireworks Malfunction at WrestleMania.

from wftv.com

original story here

Fans Concerned About Monday Event After Fireworks Malfunction

POSTED: 12:24 pm EDT March 31, 2008
UPDATED: 12:53 pm EDT March 31, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. — Forty-five people were hurt when fireworks and cables landed on the crowd packed in the citrus bowl for WrestleMania. Now fans are concerned about another fireworks show planned for Monday night’s “Monday Night Raw” event at the Amway Arena.

Eyewitness News has been asking WWE officials all morning if they’re going to cancel the fireworks at Monday night’s event, but no one has given a straight answer and that has some fans on edge.Just hours after 45 fans were injured during WrestleMania’s fireworks malfunction at the Citrus Bowl, fans were lined up again for another wrestling event, which also usually has fireworks, at Orlando’s Amway Arena.”Yeah, I’m nervous, because I don’t want to get injured or anything,” said Bianca Santiago.Her father, J.R. Santiago, is a big fan, but he’s worried about his kids’ safety after hearing how fireworks shot into stands and hot cables fell and burned fans at the Citrus Bowl on Sunday night.”That’s ridiculous. It’s all about safety. They should never have fireworks in the building,” he said.Sunday night’s victims said a slow response by WWE and fire rescue added insult to injury.”We had to sit up in the bleachers and wait for a paramedic to come, who didn’t really examine us, and had to walk all the way down to first aid and had to ask for a bag of ice just to put on our head,” said guest Barbara Vetere, adding it ruined her WrestleMania experience. “Like a baseball bat hit me. It was horrible, horrible.”But a few die hard fans, who came from California, are confident the fireworks will be fixed in time for Monday Night Raw.”Remember when fireworks used to come out of turnbuckles? I’ve been right there and had no problem, wasn’t even scared,” said fan Erica Clethen.The fire department is supposed to inspect the fireworks before they go off. Eyewitness News was waiting for the Orlando Fire Department to give information on how that inspection turned out Sunday.


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