WWE – Mickie James helps save fan’s life.

from nodq.com:

Frank Imparato sent this in:

My name is Frank and I am currently employed as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and I am a former Traffic Accident Investigator. I am also a certified first responder. I was attending the Mickie James/Torrie Wilson autograph signing in Orlando this weekend. I was about 5 people away from getting an autograph when my mother Loretta observed a man going into an epileptic seizure. I immediately made my way threw the crowd to get to the gentleman. Once I got up to the patient I observed him collapse and begin violently shaking. Immediately, I noticed that he was too close to that table where Mickey and Torrie where seated, and it was a danger to him. I instructed Mickie and Torrie to clear the area around the patient. Mickie immediately got up from the table and Torrie and I moved the table out of the way. I then knelt by the patient and began to administer basic life support. I instructed someone to call 911 and made sure that EMS was on the way. During this time Mickie James knelt down next to me and took hold of the gentleman hand. When the gentleman came out of his seizure the first thing he saw was Mickie looking down at him telling him everything was going to be ok. She was a great assistance to me while I conducted a patient assessment, as she kept his mind off of what just happened and she was able to keep him cool, calm, and collected. She truly was a vital part of the first aid process. I feel with out a shadow of a doubt, that had it not been for the quick reactions of Mickie and I the headlines would read “Fan dies at autograph singing” rather then “Mickey helps save a fans life”. I would like to thank Mickie for going above and beyond the call of duty. She truly exemplified what it means to be a WWE superstar.


2 Responses

  1. Oddly enough Mickie and Chris(the gentleman involved) are both friends of mine and as a person formerly in teh medical field and in law enforcement as well as their friends I also would like to thank you sir from the bottom of my heart!!!!! The next WWE event you would like to go to let me know and I will get you comped!!!! You can contact me via my myspace above.

  2. Well is been a while…since this happened i already knew about it …but i guess now i want to write my thoughts even if is late..but anyways chris is an awsome guy everybody loves him..he seems really cool..down to earth..i dont him..but of course theirs always myspace…and yeah i think mickie went out of her duty she went as a person..you know and that’s why people love,admire her sooo much…because of who she is and what she does….and it seems like chris gets her a lot of staff and adores her..and plus he deserves a lot…and is cool that he had that time with a superstar…even if it was in hard circumtances…and you know how some people get news and new videos on mickie james is cuz of chris…just go to his myspace i always go there to check whats new…

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