WWE – SmackDown spoilers.

from prowrestling.NET

– Edge and Chavo start the show. They are upset that they lost their titles at WrestleMania, and feel bad that they have let their fans and Vicky down. They are both getting title rematches at Backlash. Also tonight, Vicky has signed Kane vs. Taker.

– Non-Title Match: Matt Hardy defeated MVP © in a 15-minute match. JT says, “They picked up right where they left off.”

– Festus squashed Edge Guy Zach Ryder. JT says, “Festus destroyed him.”

– Shawn Michaels is out to the ring. Batista comes out to interrupt him. Batista is angry with HBK, and calls him egotistical. HBK tries to smooth it over, but Batista makes HBK feel guilty for beating Flair and says he should have laid down for Flair. Batista tosses down the mic and leaves. HBK gives his mic to the ring guy, is sad and leaves.

– Vladimir Kozlov defeated Matt Bentley in a very quick match.

– Non-Title Match: The Miz and John Morrison © defeated Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang

– After the match the Great Khali came out and beat down all four men. He grabbed the mic and started to talk about the Big Show, who then came to the ring. They stared down and Khali left like on Raw.

– Kane and The undertaker went to a double count out as they did the double big boot spot and couldn’t answer the 10-count.

– The first 10+ Minutes was a “grappling bout,” as they wrestled, hit no signature moves and just worked basic wrestling. After the double KO boot spot, they both did the sit up. Edge, Chavo and the Rated Rmy hit the ring and beat them down. Kane and Taker then did the double sit up again, chokeslam on Edge, one for Chavo and then double tombstones to close the show


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