New Comics Shipping May 29th.

Comics are a day late due to the Memorial Day holiday.  As always check with your local comic book shop for availability and price.  Prices are based on Midtown Comics.  Hellions picks are in bold.

Action Comics #865 $2.54
All Star Superman #11 $2.54
All-New Atom Vol 3 The Hunt For Ray Palmer TP $12.74
Batman #677 Incentive Tony Daniel Variant Cover (Batman R.I.P.) $21.25
Batman #677 Regular Alex Ross Cover (Batman R.I.P.) $2.54
Batman Gotham After Midnite #1 $2.54
Black Adam The Dark Age TP $15.29
Blue Beetle Vol 7 #27 $2.54
Countdown To Final Crisis Vol 1 TP $16.99
DC Universe Zero 2nd Ptg $1.00
Fables #73 $2.54
Final Crisis #1 Character Cover $3.39
Final Crisis #1 Story Cover $3.39

Green Lantern Vol 4 #31 $2.54
Heroes Vol 1 SC $16.99
Huntress Year One #2 $2.54
Jack Kirbys OMAC One Man Army Corps HC $21.24
JSA Classified #38 $2.54
Justice Vol 1 TP $12.74
Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol 5 #42 $2.54
Northlanders #6 $2.54
Number Of The Beast #4 $2.54
Secret History Of The Authority Jack Hawksmoor #3 $2.54
Shadowpact #25 $2.54
Starman Omnibus Vol 1 HC $42.49
Superman World Of Krypton TP $12.74
Supernatural Rising Son #2 $2.54
Teen Titans Go #55 $1.91
Teen Titans Vol 3 #59 $2.54

Angel Revelations #1 $3.39
Captain America Vol 5 #34 Directors Cut CGC 9.8 $62.04
Daredevil Vol 2 #107 $2.54
Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol 1 TP $14.44
Excalibur Classic Vol 5 TP $21.24
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1 Incentive Inked Wraparound Variant Cover $85.00
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1 Regular John Cassaday Cover $4.24
Hulk Poster Book $5.94
Hulk Vol 2 #3 2nd Ptg Ed McGuinness Variant Cover $2.54
Hulk WWH Front Line TP $14.44
Immortal Iron Fist #15 $2.54
Immortal Iron Fist Vol 2 Seven Capital Cities Of Heaven HC $21.24
King Size Hulk #1 Art Adams Top Cover (Both Covers Included) $4.24
King Size Hulk #1 Frank Cho Top Cover (Both Covers Included) $4.24
Marvel 1985 #1 Regular Jim Cheung Left Side Heroes Cover $3.39
Marvel 1985 #1 Regular Jim Cheung Right Side Villains Cover $3.39
Marvel 1985 #1 Variant Tommy Lee Edwards Cover $3.39
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #36 $2.54
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #13 $2.54
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #9 $3.39
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #4 $2.54
Marvel Illustrated Picture Of Dorian Gray #6 $2.54
Marvel Previews #58 June 2008 $0.84
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #27 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.54
New Avengers #41 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.54
New Warriors Vol 4 #12 $2.54

Power Pack Day One #3 $2.54
She-Hulk 2 #29 $2.54
Thor Vol 3 #9 $2.54
Ultimate Spider-Man #122 $2.54
Uncanny X-Men #498 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In) $2.54
Wolverine First Class #3 $2.54
Wolverine Origins Vol 4 Our War TP $12.74
X-Force Legacy Of Vengeance One Shot $4.24
X-Force Vol 3 #4 Bloody Variant Cover $2.54
X-Force Vol 3 #4 Regular Clayton Crain Cover (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In) $2.54
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #12 $2.54
X-Men Legacy #212 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In) $2.54
X-Men The Complete Onslaught Epic Vol 2 TP $25.49
Young Avengers Presents #5 $2.54

Dark Horse
Emily The Strange Vol 2 #3 Be All You Can Be $2.98
Hellboy Vol 8 Darkness Calls TP $16.96
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #2 Drew Struzan Cover $5.09
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #2 Hugh Fleming Cover $5.09
Savage Sword Of Conan Vol 3 TP $16.96
Speak Of The Devil #6 $2.98
Star Wars Dark Times #11 (Vector Part 5) $2.54
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #29 $2.54
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 #112 $2.54

Aletheia #1 $2.98
Astounding Wolf-Man #6 $2.54
Crawl Space Vol 1 XXXombies TP $11.04
Firebreather Vol 2 #1 $2.54
Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus TP $21.24
Proof #8 $2.54
Sorrow TP $11.04
Sword #8 $2.54
True Story Swear To God Archives Vol 1 TP $16.99

IDW Publishing
Locke & Key #4 2nd Ptg $3.39

2000 AD #1585 $3.83
2000 AD #1586 $3.83
2000 AD Extreme Ed #29 $5.09
Army Of Darkness Xena Why Not #3 Fabiano Neves Cover $2.98
Army Of Darkness Xena Why Not #3 UDON Cover $2.98
Avatar The Last Airbender Sozins Comet The Last Battle GN $5.09
Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #8 Jackson Herbert Cover $2.54
Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #8 Photo Cover $2.54
Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #8 Stjepan Sejic Cover $2.54
Best Of The West #67 $5.91
Boneyard Vol 4 TP Color Edition $11.86
Caliber #2 Stanley Lau Cover $2.54
Caliber #2 Yasmine Putri Cover $2.54
Dan Dare #6 $2.54
Dark Ivory #1 Limited Signed & Numbered Edition $12.75
Darkness vs Eva #3 Brett Booth Cover $2.98
Darkness vs Eva #3 Edgar Salazar Cover $2.98
Darkness vs Eva #3 Paul Renaud Cover $2.98
Dead In Desemboque TP $13.56
Deepak Chopras Beyond #1 $2.54
Downer Vol 1 Wandering Monster TP $12.74
Drafted #7 $2.98
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 #11 Cvr A Roberts $2.98
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 #11 Cvr B Walpole $4.68
Fathom Vol 3 #0 Incentive Michael Turner Variant Cover $8.50
Fathom Vol 3 #0 Regular Ale Garza Cover $2.13
Furrlough #182 $3.39
Futurama Comics #37 $2.54
GI Joe Americas Elite #35 $2.98
Grimm Fairy Tales Piper #1 NDCC Exclusive Cover $12.74
Helen Killer #2 $2.54
Hercules (Radical Comics) #2 Incentive Jim Steranko Variant Cover $17.00
Hercules (Radical Comics) #2 Regular Admira Wijaya Cover $2.54
Hercules (Radical Comics) #2 Regular Greg Broadmore Cover $2.54
India Authentic #13 Lakshmi $2.54
Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter #3 Greg Horn Cover $2.54
Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter #3 Niko Henrichon Cover $2.54
Jimmy Zhingchak One Shot $5.09
Johnny Boo Vol 1 Best Little Ghost In The World HC $8.46
Judenhass GN $3.40
Night Of The Living Dead Filmbook Signed Edition $12.74
Nightmares And Fairy Tales #23 $2.98
Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 HC $24.61
Proliferating Comiculture $8.49
Rabbi Harvey Rides Again GN $14.44
Resurrection #5 $2.98
Return To Wonderland HC $21.24
Roswell Texas Vol 1 GN $11.01
Sentinels Anthology GN $12.71
Simpsons Summer Shindig #2 $4.24
Skyscrapers Of The Midwest HC $16.96
Snake Woman Vol 3 Curse Of The 68 #4 $2.54
Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #46 $2.76
Twilight Crusade Templar #1 $3.39
Vampirella Quarterly #5 Spring 2008 Regular Edition Joe Jusko Cover $4.24
Vampirella Quarterly #5 Spring 2008 Regular Edition Stephen Segovia Cover $4.24
Vargav GN $5.09
Wulf & Batsy #1 $2.76
Zogonia Vol 1 Slice Of Death TP $12.74
Zombie Tales #1 Cvr A $3.39
Zombie Tales #1 Cvr B $3.39

Secret Invasion – Who is a Skrull? Updated list. WARNING SPOILERS!!!

This section lists prominent characters who have been shown to be replaced by a Skrull for an unknown but prolonged period of time, in order of publication date.
Elektra – revealed in New Avengers #31. Killed by Echo. New Avengers #40 has revealed that her name was Siri and was one of the longest infiltrators, sent to examine the defences of Earth.
Black Bolt – revealed in New Avengers: Illuminati #5. Killed by Namor. In New Avengers #40 it was revealed that this Skrull was the first of the new version of Super Skrulls created, and was the only survivor of the Skrull Homeworld’s destruction by Galactus.
The Revolutionary of the Liberteens – revealed in Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1.
Cobalt Man – Revealed in Captain Marvel #3. Killed by Captain Marvel.
Cyclone – revealed in Captain Marvel #4. Killed by Captain Marvel. Skrull identity not public due to decimated remains.
Captain Marvel – revealed in Captain Marvel #5. A mistake in the Skrull Khn’nr’s conditioning lead to him rebelling against his species. He possesses only the personality of Captain Marvel.
Valentina Allegra de Fontaine – revealed in Secret Invasion Prologue.[24] Two Skrulls have posed as her. The first one was killed by Nick Fury. A second one posed as her and then assumed the form of Dum Dum Dugan before presumably dying in a suicide bombing at a S.W.O.R.D. Space Headquarters.
Edwin Jarvis – revealed in Secret Invasion #1.
Henry Pym – revealed in Secret Invasion #1.
Spider-Woman – Alluded to in New Avengers #40 and confirmed in Mighty Avengers #14.

Marvel’s RUNAWAYS headed to the big screen!

from Aint It Cool News:

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I’m a big Marvel fan, but I only really looked into Bryan K. Vaughan’s RUNAWAYS series during the Civil War crossovers. I’m not a big fan of the super stylized cartoony art (something that almost got me to stop reading Amazing Spider-Man a year or so back), so I didn’t stick with it. I am a big fan of Vaughan’s Y: THE LAST MAN books, so I’m sure if I buckled down and started from issue one I’d get into it, but I have yet to do that.It’s about the super powered teenage children of super villains who run away from home and band together as a group of goodies.

Marvel has announced that they’re going forward with RUNAWAYS, putting it on the slate with flicks like CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON MAN 2 and ANT MAN to hit sometime between now and 2011. Thoughts?

Batman Gotham Knight trailer

Ring Of Honor “Take No Prisoners” PPV To Debut Next Week

ROH Wrestling issued the following press release this morning:

Mark your calendars for May 30th because that is the premiere of ROH “Take No Prisoners” on iN DEMAND, The DISH Network and TVN cable systems. Frankly, our replay times suck on iN DEMAND so make sure to watch the premiere on May 30th at 10pm.

ROH has set the standard with rave reviews for each of its first five pay-per-view offerings. Now ROH “Take No Prisoners” from Philadelphia will continue that tradition at the affordable price of $9.95-14.95 (depending at your carrier). You are guaranteed a great PPV from ROH. Here is the lineup with the skinny on each match for ROH’s 6th PPV “Take No Prisoners” set to premiere on May 30th:

ROH World Title Match
Nigel McGuinness defends vs. winner of Four Corner Survival

-McGuinness has earned the disdain of the ROH fans and they would love nothing more than to see a new star born at Nigel’s expense.

Four Corner Survival – Winner Gets World Title Shot In The Main Event
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Delirious vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Tyler Black

-Four athletically gifted individuals will put it all on the line for the chance of a lifetime.

The Rivalry Comes To PPV
Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries

-Simply put, this is pro wrestling at its most competitive level. You haven’t seen a match like this on your TV in a long time.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Davey Richards & Rocky Romero defend vs. Ruckus & Jigsaw

-Fast-paced, high-flying action comes to PPV with this electric title bout from Orlando.

The Larry Sweeney Show starring Larry Sweeney

-Sweeney promises a big business deal as his hostile takeover continues.

Philadelphia Street Fight
Jay & Mark Briscoe with Daizee Haze vs. The Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews with Lacey

-You want violence, blood and insanity. Here it is!

Special Challenge Match
Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen

-Ouch! These two hard-hitters “Take No Prisoners” when they collide.

Plus more with Adam Pearce, Brent Albright, BJ Whitmer, Erick Stevens and others including another big bonus match!!!

One other question remains. Why is Jimmy Jacobs on the advertising when he wasn’t live at this PPV taping?

Find out the answer to this and much, much more when a star is born at ROH “Take No Prisoners” on iN DEMAND, The DISH Network and TVN cable systems starting on May 30th. Also look for replays in June. There is no better value for your money on PPV than ROH!!!

TNA Knockout in movie.

(not a scene from the movie)

TNA Knockout Shelly “Salinas” Martinez is set to appear in the low-budget film Porn Shoot Massacre. Martinez does a scene in the movie which leads to her appearing no after getting out of the shower. The movie is a straight-to-DVD release that should be coming out soon.

TNA – Reasons for Roxxi Laveaux to shave her head.

Here is a tidbit behind Roxxi Laveaux’s decision to have her head shaved bald. All of the purple hair dye she had been using over the last year or so for her “Voodoo Queen” gimmick greatly damaged her hair and that made her decision to shave it all off a little easier.

WWE – Rey Mysterio’s return.

According to The Save Mart Center’s website, Rey Mysterio is being advertised as a guest on MVP’s “VIP Lounge” for the WWE Smackdown/ECW taping on June 7 in Fresno, California. We reported last week that Mysterio, along with Great Khali, have been advertised for upcoming House Shows in July as well.

Kelly Kelly Boxing Pictures Part 1.

Kelly Kelly

Smackdown taping results for May 23, 2008.

SmackDown: (Airing This Friday)
* Vickie Guerrero comes out. I am told by our correspondent that she is drawing so much heat that he is unable to hear what she is saying. Finally she is able to get out that The Undertaker will take on Edge at One Night Stand in a TLC match. If The Undertaker loses he will be fired.

* Deuce & Domino w/Maryse b. Jesse & Festus w/Cherry

Theodore Long in the VIP Lounge. Batista comes out and destroys the set.

* Finlay b. Chuck Palumbo

* Batista b. MVP

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Nunzio
According to our correspondent Nunzio got “fed” to Kozlov.

* Kofi Kingston & Matt Hardy b. Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin
Kofi pins Shelton for the win.

* The Undertaker & Kane b. Edge & Chavo Guerrero
Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins come running out but Kane makes the save. Undertaker and Kane leave to a standing ovation.