New Comics shipping May 14, 2008.

As always check with your local comic book store for availability.   Prices are based on Midtown Comics, your prices may vary.  Hellions picks are in BOLD.

100 Bullets #91 $2.54
52 Aftermath The Four Horsemen TP $16.99
Bat Lash Vol 2 #6 $2.54
Batman #676 (Batman R.I.P.) $2.54
Batman Confidential #17 $2.54
Batman Strikes #45 $1.91
Batman The Jokers Last Laugh TP $15.29
Batman The Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul HC $25.49
Booster Gold Vol 1 52 Pick-Up HC $21.24
Booster Gold Vol 2 #9 $2.54
Checkmate Vol 3 The Fall Of The Wall TP $12.74
DMZ #31 $2.54
Final Crisis Sketchbook $2.54
Gen 13 Vol 4 #20 $2.54
Gotham Underground #8 $2.54
Green Arrow Black Canary #8 $2.54
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #24 $2.54
Green Lantern No Fear TP $11.04
Huntress Year One #1 $2.54
Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #14 $1.91
Lost Boys Reign Of Frogs #1 $2.98
Number Of The Beast #3 $2.54
Simon Dark #8 $2.54
Superman Vol 3 #676 $2.54
Tiny Titans #4 $1.91
Titans Vol 2 #2 $2.54
Un-Men #10 $2.54
Vertigo First Cut TP $4.24
Welcome To Tranquility Vol 2 TP $16.99
Wonder Woman Vol 3 #20 $2.54
Young Liars #3 $2.54

All-New Iron Manual $4.24
Amazing Spider-Girl #20 $2.54
Amazing Spider-Girl Vol 3 Mind Games TP $11.89
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #559 $2.54
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures #11 $2.54
Captain Britain And MI 13 #1 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.54
Civil War Chronicles #11 $4.24
Clandestine Vol 2 #4 $2.54
Dead Of Night Featuring Man-Thing #4 $3.39
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 2 TP $14.44
Genext #1 $3.39
Giant-Size Incredible Hulk #1 $3.39
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #1 $2.54

Hulk WWH Gamma Corps TP $9.34
Hulk WWH X-Men TP $21.24
Iron Man And Power Pack Armored And Dangerous TP Digest $6.79
Iron Man Legacy Of Doom #2 $2.54
Last Defenders #3 $2.54
Marvel Adventures Hulk #11 $2.54
Marvel Spotlight Incredible Hulk Movie $2.54
New Exiles #6 $2.54
New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 1 TP $29.74
newuniversal shockfront #1 $2.54
Psi-Force Classic Vol 1 TP $21.24
Punisher MAX #57 $2.54
Secret Invasion Fantastic Four #1 $2.54
Sky Doll #1 $5.09
Thunderbolts #120 $2.54
Twelve #5 $2.54
Ultimate Hulk vs Iron Man Ultimate Human HC $16.99
Wolverine Amazing Immortal Man And Other Bloody Tales $3.39
Wolverine Vol 3 #65 $2.54
X-Men Legacy #211 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In) $2.54
X-Men Origin Colossus $3.39

Dark Horse
Batman Grendel Limited Edition HC Signed By Matt Wagner $84.96
BPRD 1946 #5 $2.54
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol 2 No Future For You TP $13.56
Goon Vol 3 #24 $2.54
Nexus Archives Vol 7 HC $42.46
Return Of The Gremlins #3 $2.54
Serenity Better Days #3 $2.54
Star Wars Knights Of Old Republic #28 (Vector Part 4) $2.54

Casanova #14 $1.69
Death Grub One Shot $2.54
Screamland #3 $2.54
Spawn Collection Vol 5 TP $25.49
Transhuman #2 $2.98
True Story Swear To God Vol 2 #11 $2.98
Walking Dead #49 $2.54

IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Classics #6 $3.39
Everybodys Dead #3 $3.39
FX #3 $3.39
Ghost Whisperer The Haunted #3 $3.39
Locke & Key #4 $3.39
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Transformers Best Of UK Space Pirates #3 $3.39
Transformers Devastation TP $16.99

2 Guns TP $12.74
2000 AD #1583 $3.83
Almighty GN $8.50
And Then One Day #5 $6.80
Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #9 $2.98
Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson TP $12.71
Bloodrayne Tokyo Rogue #1 $3.39
Brian Pulidos Lady Death 2007 Swimsuit Special Canvas Cvr $85.00
Cemetery Teens #1 And #2 Collected Edition Mini-Comic $2.98
Classics Illustrated Black Beauty $8.49
Classics Illustrated Swiss Family Robinson $8.49
Classics Illustrated Treasure Island $8.49
Classics Illustrated Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea $8.49
Comicbook Artists Guild #7 $5.06
Cthulhu Tales #2 $3.39
Dean Koontzs Frankenstein Prodigal Son #1 $2.54
Distant #4 $2.54
Fiction Clemens #1 $5.06
Gamekeeper Vol 2 #3 $2.54
Jindai #5 $2.54
John Woos Seven Brothers Vol 2 Limited Edition HC $25.49
Last Blood Vol 1 TP $11.04
Life Sucks HC $25.46
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MacBeth GN $16.96
Milk Teeth GN $11.01
North Wind #5 $3.39
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Project Superpowers #3 $2.54
Psychosis #3 $5.06
Ralph Snart Adventures Comics Collection Vol 3 TP $12.71
Ray Harryhausen Flying Saucers vs Earth #1 $3.39
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Rex GN $8.46
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner HC $16.99
Shanda The Panda #48 $3.39
Skim HC $16.11
Stranded #4 $2.54
This Is As Bad As It Gets TP $14.41
United Free Worlds #1 $2.54
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #1 $3.39
Zorro Vol 6 #3 $2.98

TNA Impact taping results for May 15, 2008.



*Robert Roode defeated Curry Man.


*TNA champion Samoa Joe comes out and announces the main event of the 6/8 Slammiversary PPV will be the King of the Mountain match. Joe says that there will be eight competitors total including himself – Jim Cornette has told him he will pick four challengers and Joe will get to pick the rest. Cornette has picked Robert Roode, Matt Morgan, James Storm and Tomko. Joe says he will name the other challengers next week. Booker T comes out and demands to know why wasn’t picked and tells Joe that if Joe doesn’t pick him, there will be serious consequences. Booker slaps Joe and they brawl. Christian Cage and Rhino hit the ring. Booker challenges them to a match later tonight and says he’ll find partners.

*Kaz & Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Johnny Devine & The Rock N’ Rave Infection. After the match, Lethal asks So Cal Val to marry him at Slammiversary and she accepts. Sonjay didn’t look happy and had some great facial expressions here.

*TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim with the help of Angelina Love.

*Kurt Angle came out and read a letter to Karen asking to take him back and said he hoped she would come to Impact next week.

*TNA Tag Team champions LAX defeated The Motor City Machineguns in a non-title bout.

*Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, now given the team name “The Beautiful People” defeated ODB and Roxxi.

*TNA champ Samoa Joe & Christian Cage & Rhino defeated Team 3D & Booker T. After the match, 3D attacked and bloodied Hector Guerrero.

TNA Impact taping results for May 22, 2008.


Impact Spoiler Report for 5/22:
-Homicide defeated Brother Ray by DQ. Brother Devon ran in to break it up. They started beating down Homicide until Hernandez ran in. Booker T then came out and Booker and 3D beat down LAX putting Homicide through a table and leaving both bleeding.

-Angelina Love defeated. ODB with some help from Velvet Sky. Afterwards they teased they were going to cut ODB’s hair until Roxxi made the save. Roxxi was going to try to cut Angelina’s hair until the referee took the machine away from hair. Roxxi then laid out Rudy Charles.

-Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash come to the ring and Joe announces the 4 people he chose. (I was mistaken yesterday and it is not an 8 man King of the Mountain match, it will be 4 and 8 were chosen to be in qualifying matches, sorry about the error). Jim Cornette picked 4 and Joe gets to pick the other 4. Cornette picked Tomko, James Storm, Robert Roode, and Matt Morgan) Joe then announces his picks, a man he faced all over the world and in different companies, AJ Styles. He also picks Rhino, Christian Cage, and Booker T. Nash was upset that he wasn’t picked since fans were chanting for him and he gives Joe a piece of his mind, then leaves the ring.

-King of the Mountain Qualifying Match: Robert Roode defeated Matt Morgan with his feet on the ropes.

-Kurt Angle comes to the ring and he brings out Karen to see if she will take him back. Angle says that now that Karen knows her role and priorities she should take him back. At one point Kurt asks if she is seeing AJ. Karen says that Kurt will never change and Kurt says he can change and gets on his knees and Karen walks out the ring leaving Angle.

-Jeremy Borash is in the ring and explains the rules of the King of the Mountain match. He is about to introduce the next qualifying match until Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed come out with a briefcase. They issue an open challenge to any female in the crowd who can beat Kong would get $25,000. A plant in the crowd is chosen her name is Melissa ( I believe she is a student from Team 3D’s school). Kong destroys her easily for the win.

-King of the Mountain Qualifying Match: Booker T defeated AJ Styles. Tomko made his way down to the ring during the match, and when AJ went for a springboard Tomko pulled him down allowing Booker to get the win. After the match, Tomko and AJ went at it. Team 3D ran in and they started to beat down AJ. Booker joined in as well. Karen Angle runs down screaming for them to stop as AJ is bleeding. She leaves when Brother Ray shoves her out the ring, only to return with Kurt Angle, who has a steel chair. They clear the ring while Karen is attending to AJ. Brother Ray is yelling at Kurt to turn around and when he does he see’ Karen and AJ. Kurt proceeds to blast AJ with the chair. They continue the beatdown and it ends with the 5 of them posing. I thought it was good with lots of heat.

Xplosion: Motor City def. Black Reign and Rellik.

SmackDown taping results for May 16, 2008.


Show opened with La Familia. Edge cut a promo talking about how he was magically healed last week and will be the next world champion because Undertaker cannot use his illegal chokehold at Judgment Day. Teddy Long then came out. Vickie yelled at him for being late. Teddy said he was late because he was meeting with the board of directors. Vickie threatened to fire Teddy and then Teddy quit. Teddy then said that the board of directors have told Vickie that she must either face the Undertaker tonight or she will be fired.

CM Punk beat Chuck Polombo with the GTS. Match was pretty good. It was a back and forth even match up. Punk escaped Polombo’s finisher and hit the GTS moments later for the pin.

La famlia was talking backstage. They were trying to come up with a plan for tonight. MVP came in complaining about last weeks championship chase. Big Show and Finlay came in as well. Vicki signed Finlay and Big Show vs. MVP and a partner of his choice for later. Chavo then questioned Vickie about the championship chase last week as well.

Michelle McCool beat Layla. Match sucked. Michelle won with a leg lock after working over Layla’s leg during the match.

Batista came out and cut a promo. They showed the footage of HBK and Jericho from Raw. Batista said he was going to hurt Shawn next time he sees him. Batista implied that he would be at Judgment Day.

Vickie changed the main event to her, Edge, Chavo, Bam Neely, Ryder, and Hawkins vs. Undertaker in a 6 on 1 handicap match.

Big Show and Finlay beat MVP and Mark Henry. Match was good, especially when it was MVP and Finlay. Probably the best match on the show. Big show pinned MVP with the chokeslam.

Vladimir Koslov beat Funaki. This was a bad squash match. Koslov won with the reverse ddt.

Cherry beat Maryse. Duece and Domino came out with Maryse. Match was not very good. Cherry won with a bulldog. After the match Duece stared at Cherry as she walked up the ramp.

Backstage Kofi was talking with Matt Hardy. He congratulated on his new dvd and called him an inspiration. Shelton Benjamin then came in. He said he would beat Hardy tonight.

Matt Hardy beat Shelton Benjamin. Match was good. Matt won after he countered a suplex and hit the twist of fate.

Main event was next. I don’t know what the official decision was. When La Famlia came out Chavo and Bam Neely left them at the ramp way. This left Edge, Ryder, Hawkins, and Vickie vs. the Undertaker. They fought for a bit. Eventually Taker had Vickie alone in the ring. He went to chokeslam her but Edge hit a spear. Edge then got her out of the ring and pushed Vickie up the ramp in her wheelchair. Kane’s music then hit and he pushed Vickie back to ringside. Undertaker and Kane beat up everyone until it was down to just Vickie. Kane threw Vickie into the ring. Undertake teased a chokeslam, but eventually tombstoned Vickie.

I think this is where the Smackdown ended.

Kane and Undertaker celebrated for a while. Teddy Long came out. He and Kane danced. Mick Foley joined them. Then Michael Cole joined in as well.

Tony Chimmel thanked us for coming. At this point I left. Not sure if there was a dark match or not. I think as we were leaving Mick Foley was singing happy birthday to someone.

WWE – DVD track listing for The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment.


Details on WWE’s “The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment” DVD set, which is set for a 6/10 release, have been released. Promotional material for the DVD reads: “Throughout The Rock’s incredible sports-entertainment career, fans and foes alike knew enough to know their role, shut their mouth, or risk a beatdown from the Brahma Bull. While he’s gone from WWE rings to the big screen, his impact on professional wrestling will never be forgotten. The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment highlights the meteoric rise of The Great One, the first man to hold the WWE Championship seven times. This package is packed with 3 discs filled with 19 amazing matches.”


*Samoan Royalty
*WWE Intercontinental Champions Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Rocky Maivia (2/13/97 Raw)
*Rock the Ruler
*Owen Hart vs. The Rock (04/6/98 Raw)
*The Nation vs. DX
*King of the Ring 1998 Tournament : Triple H vs. The Rock (6/22/98 Raw)
*Rock’s Big Chance
*Mankind vs. The Rock for vacant WWF title – Survivor Series 1998.
*Rocky Rivalry with Mankind
*Last Man Standing Match: Mankind vs. The Rock – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre 99 PPV
*So it continues…
*Ladder Match: Mankind vs. The Rock (2/15/99 Raw)
*Two of the Most Charismatic Superstars Ever
*Steve Austin vs. The Rock – Wrestlemania XV


*The People’s Champion
*Steel Cage Match: The Rock vs. Triple H (7/5/99 Raw)
*The Rock `n Sock Connection
*The Rock & Mankind vs. Undertaker & Big Show (8/30/99 Raw)
*The Verbal SmackDown!
*No Holds Barred Match: The Rock vs. Kane (12/30/99 Smackdown)
*The McMahon-Helmsley Regime vs. The Rock
*Triple H vs. The Rock – Backlash 2000
*The Following Night…
*Steel Cage Match: The Rock vs. Shane McMahon (5/1/00 Raw)
*The Great One vs. The Olympic Medalist
*Kurt Angle vs. The Rock – No Way Out 2001
*The New Title
*WCW Champion Booker T vs. The Rock – Summerslam 2001
*The Undisputed Champion
*WWE Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho vs. The Rock – Royal Rumble 2001


*Icon vs. Icon
*The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan – Wrestlemania 18
*Triple Threat
*Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker vs. The Rock – Vengeance 2002
*Just Bring It
*The Rock vs. Eddie Guerrero (7/22/02 Raw)
*Third Time’s A Charm?
*Steve Austin vs. The Rock – Wrestlemania XIX
*Transcending Sports Entertainment
*The Rock: The Most Electrifying in Sports Entertainment

Extras will be 15-20 Rock promos.

ECW results May 13, 2008.


Highlights aired from last week of Colin Delaney beating Armando Estrada to earn an ECW contract.

ECW Opener:
Backstage, Armando asked Colin if he knew how lucky he was to beat him last week. He said he was an even bigger target now that he won the match. He presented Colin with his contract and asked him if he had second thoughts. Colin smiled and signed the contract. “Congratulations, amigo, I’m going to prove my point,” Estrada said. He booked Delaney in a match against Mike Knox…

CM Punk vs. The Miz
-Punk gets a standing waist-lock and slams Miz down on his stomach. They get back up, still with the waist lock and he takes Miz back to the mat. Again, Miz gets to his feet and this time makes it to the ropes. Punk comes back off the ropes with a sunset flip for 2. A couple of kicks from Punk lead to Miz getting whipped into the corner. Punk runs at him, but Miz gets the boot up and takes control. He mounts Punk and throws some right hands and proceeds to hit a series of forearms to the chest. Reverse chinlock time and Miz gets down in it. Punk right back up though now with a series of kicks. Miz returns with a dropkick to the back and literal clothesline using the ropes for 2.

-Miz sits back down in the chinlock. Back out of the hold Miz hits the running leaping clothesline in the corner. The chinlock is revisited with slight camel clutch styling. Punk wiggles out from it, but gets hit with a series of clotheslines. Miz runs at him again, but Punk pulls out the snap powerslam that’s so popular these days. Punks now back on offense with the whip in the corner and running knee. He goes for the bulldog, but Miz blocks it only to get hit with a roundhouse. A leg lariat by Punk leads to a 2 count. Miz with a roll-up now, and Punk bridges it and goes for a backslide. Miz counters that and runs off the ropes and gets caught into the GTS position. Miz slips out and hits the reality check for 3!

Winner: The Miz

– After the match Morrison came out on the ramp and celebrated with him, while Punk looked on in disbelief.

– Cherry, Kelly Kelly, and Michelle McCool are walking the halls. Adamle says they’re coming up in a 6-Diva tag.

McCool, Kelly, and Cherry vs. Layla, Victoria, and Natalya
McCool and Natalya open the bout. Natalya unloads with forearms in the corner, then tags in Victoria. She leg scissors McCool, then works over her arm. McCool backflips out of the corner, then kicks Victoria down. Cherry tagged in, then slid under for a sunset flip attempt.

Victoria ducked out of the ring, leavinga distracted Cherry to be clotheslined by Natalya in a sweet spot. Natalya (head and arms above everyone else in the working department it really seems) locks on an armbar. The heels continue to work on Cherry. Victoria hit a flip legdrop into the ring. Sabu would be proud. Victoria went for a spot but Cherry got her knees up. Victoria recovered, nailed the other face Divas, then locked on a front facelock to prevent a tag.

She went after the babyface corner again, and this time Cherry rolled her up for the pin.

Winners: McCool, Kelly, and Cherry

Lena Yada interviewed Shelton Benjamin and asked him about not being able to end Kofi Kingston’s undefeated streak. Benjamin said Kofi has a horseshoe where the sun doesn’t shine and he’s going to pull it out. He promised to beat Kofi. Kofi showed up and asked him if that was right, then wished him luck. Benjamin told him to get out of his interview time and shoved Kofi. Kingston tackled him into the wall, then stared down before walking away. Benjamin looked like he wanted to do something, but knew better than to try, so it was a staredown. Decent segment building their tension.

Mike Admale and Tazz discussed last night’s Raw, then ran a video feature.

Colin Delaney is taping up for his match against Mike Knox. He’s all alone, despite the fact that last week everyone was wishing him well backstage. I guess now that he’s a threat to their spot, they want to see him fail – hey, just like real life! They play a good Delaney video feature.

Colin Delaney vs. Mike Knox
Colin tried to start out fast but ate boot. Knox clotheslined him then powered him into the corner. Knox beat Colin down, then nailed him with his finisher for the pin.

Winner: Mike Knox!

Armando Estrada came out and announced that Colin just had his first match as a member of the ECW roster and would know wrestle the newest member of ECW, Armando. He kicked Colin in the head and announced that as General Manager, he signed himself as a wrestler to a lucrative contract.

Armando Estrada vs. Colin Delaney
Estrada beat Colin, then pinned him. Delaney was bleeding from the nose.

Winner: Armando Estrada!

John Morrison vs. Kane
Kane cleaned house early. Miz came to ringside. Morrison fought back. Kane took back over. Pretty basic. Morrison ducked a charge in the corner and worked him over with punches. Miz distracted Kane by grabbing his leg. That led to Punk coming out as they went to commercial.

When they return, Kane was choking out Morrison with a knee across the throat, then nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker. Kane cinched in a side chinlock. Morrison came back, working on Kane’s leg with kicks and a chop block from behind. Morrison went to the mat, working on the leg. Kane battled back with punches.

Kane fought his way to his feet but Morrison continued to work on the leg. He bridged the leg over the middle rope and dropped a knee across it. Morrison kept up the beating with leglocks and kicks. From a story standpoint, this was good stuff. Kane tried to kick Morrison off with the other leg, finally succeeding.

Kane made the white meat babyface comeback with punches and a running clothesline. He hopped across the ring to punch him in the corner. Morrison got caught with a sideslam for a two count. Kane went to the top rope and hit a flying clothesline. He called for the chokeslam. Miz got on the apron but Punk attacked him. Miz slammed Punk back-first into the ring steps. The referee stepped over to admonish them, allowing Morrison to nail Kane with the Tag strap, then hit a springboard enziguiri for the pin. Probably the biggest singles win of Morrison’s career.

Winner: John Morrison!

The champs put the boots to Kane. Punk made the save but was laid out as well. Show goes off the air.