Comic Reviews: Army of Darkness #9 Home Sweet Hell

It’s said all the time in comics, “this issue is a perfect jumping on point for new readers.”  Cliche many times, it is true here.  A basic knowledge of Ash and his world, even one gained from watching constant replays of the Army of Darkness movie on USA, is enough.

Ash and his lady have returned from yet another adventure, but Ash’s memories have not.  He is another poor schmuck working at S-Mart, without a clue that he has saved the world more than once.  However his memories will come back soon enough as the 7 Deadly Sins and other denizens of hell are plotting against him (or is it for him?).

The comic is just fun.  Nothing too deep, but all of it is enjoyable.  Some humor and so far PG-13 levels of sex and violence.  The writers were smart enough to pen lines that are suited for Bruce Campbell.  If the readers are going to picture him saying the dialogue anyways, it may as well be lines that work.

Worth a read, not worth a buy yet.  Maybe wait for the GN.


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