Comic Reviews: Captain Britain and the MI-13 #1

This has the potential to be a great comic.  Already we have Captain Britain trying to be the symbol of all that is good in his country.  Trying to be an example the way that Steve Rogers was.  How has Captain America become a stronger character in death than he was in life?  Black Knight, in an effort to overcome the curse of the Ebony Blade decides to now play the flippant character.  Like a British Spider-Man, or like a writer’s attempt to make him a more interesting character (including tongue in cheek remark that nearly breaks the forth wall).  Winks and nods to other British heroes, Skrulls with the powers of a myriad of Marvel heroes (has any Skrull portrayed a villain yet?).  Skrull John Lennon!  It is a fast paced set up issue for the series, but a fantastic one.  The characters are on the board and already neck deep in action.  Fantastic first issue.


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