Smackdown taping results for May 23, 2008.

SmackDown: (Airing This Friday)
* Vickie Guerrero comes out. I am told by our correspondent that she is drawing so much heat that he is unable to hear what she is saying. Finally she is able to get out that The Undertaker will take on Edge at One Night Stand in a TLC match. If The Undertaker loses he will be fired.

* Deuce & Domino w/Maryse b. Jesse & Festus w/Cherry

Theodore Long in the VIP Lounge. Batista comes out and destroys the set.

* Finlay b. Chuck Palumbo

* Batista b. MVP

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Nunzio
According to our correspondent Nunzio got “fed” to Kozlov.

* Kofi Kingston & Matt Hardy b. Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin
Kofi pins Shelton for the win.

* The Undertaker & Kane b. Edge & Chavo Guerrero
Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins come running out but Kane makes the save. Undertaker and Kane leave to a standing ovation.

Wanted news.

New Wanted trailer here:

and interview with Mark Millar here, at Bob Mitchell’s site.

Daily Comics News.

Two columns are up about the high price of comics. Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter fires the first shot.  Greg Burgas at Comics Should Be Good lays down some cover fire.  Excellent points made by both men, but I wonder if we can’t take it a bit farther.  What if Marvel, DC, all of the companies really, took a page from Shonen Jump.  Publish a massive tome of comics every month in black and white on cheap paper.  Even $10 a month for this would be more than a deal compared to the current price of $3 each.  Then, add colors and good paper for the inevitable graphic novel collections.

Supermax script:

We got an email pointing out Latino Review’s spoiler filled coverage which outlines the entire story and talks turkey about characters, including The Icicle, The Floronic Man, Count Vertigo, Pied Piper, Blockbuster, Merlyn and even some big names like Joker, Riddler and Lex Luthor.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1 has an excellent preview over at Newsarama.

Also at Newsarama, a look at Young Avengers Presents: Hawkeye, The Last Defenders, The Man with No Name, and a preview of the Mortal Kombat vs DC universe game.

WWE – Regal banned for two months

from The Sun (

BRITAIN’S top wrestler has been suspended by the WWE for a SECOND drugs violation.

William Regal will be banned for two months and faces the sack if he gets caught out once more.

The WWE released a statement saying: “In accordance with its Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy, WWE has suspended Darren Matthews (William Regal) for 60 days for his second violation of the company’s policy.”

The test failure will be a huge blow for Regal, who was enjoying his most prominent role in years.

He recently won the prestigious King Of The Ring tournament and had a high profile on television as general manager of the company’s flagship Raw show.

The star, who has just turned 40, was also bidding to become Britain’s first ever WWE world champion telling The Sun: “I want people to get a chance to see me wrestle the top fellas and have some big time matches.”

It is not known what drugs Regal was taking.

His first suspension came last summer after he was caught buying anabolic steroids, Growth Hormone and a drug to counter their side-effects over the Internet and without a prescription.

William had previously claimed in his autobiography and numerous interviews that he hadn’t touched steroids since “dabbling” in his early 20s and certainly never while in the WWE.

The suspension of a top star shows how seriously the firm are taking the issue of steroid and painkiller abuse.

Boss Vince McMahon even recently replaced his testing company for not being strict enough and ordered that his wrestlers now give their urine samples completely naked and in front of a monitor.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer confirms: “They have a new crew of monitors and the rule now is you have to be nude ‘from your ankles to your nipples’ and be watched when you pee.”

WWE – Rumored main event for One Night Stand.

Credit: Dave Meltzer

The plan was to announce a TLC match with Edge vs. Undertaker at tonight’s tapings for One Night Stand. As with all WWE plans, until it happens, it hasn’t happened. There is already advertising out with that match listed.

William Regal suspended for 60 days.


STAMFORD, Conn., May 20, 2008 – In accordance with its Wellness Program, WWE has suspended, Darren Matthews (William Regal) for 60 days for his second violation of the company’s policy.

Regarding William Regal’s reaction to his second Wellness Policy violation, he is said to be “understandably deflated,” reports prowrestling.NET. Regal was in the midst of the biggest push of his wrestling career and it is quite obvious to him that the timing of the suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time. Regal, who has been battling addiction problems for a number of years, was not showing any signs of a relapse according to several witnesses. World Wrestling Entertainment never releases specific details regarding drug testing violations, so there’s no way of knowing what he did to trigger the suspension.

ECW spoilers for May 20, 2008.

Dark Match:
* Matt Sydal b. Jamie Noble

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tonight At 10:00 p.m. ET)
* The Miz b. Kane via disqualification

* Shelton Benjamin b. Kofi Kingston

* Colin Delaney & Kelly Kelly b. Mike Knox & Layla
After the match Knox attacks Colin.

* Armando Estrada comes out and beats Colin Delaney.

* Chavo Guerrero & John Morrison b. CM Punk & Tommy Dreamer
It is announced that these four will have a Singapore Cane Match at One Night Stand for the number one contender of the ECW Championship.

Big Show comes out and clears the ring.