TNA – Who is Mickie Knuckles?

Mickie Lee (born May 16, 1984), better known by her ring name Mickie Knuckles, is a professional wrestler who has worked for a number of major independent promotions (primarily IWA Mid-South and Chikara, but also IWA East Coast, Chickfight, WXW Germany, Full Throttle Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Unplugged and CZW.) also currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling She is most notable for her hard-hitting style and inter-gender deathmatches.

Mickie’s Wikipedia page.

Mickie’s official website.

3 Responses

  1. do you all really wont to know who mickie knuckles really is she is a sweet and kind girl or women. but you dont wont to mess with her because she will hit you but she will only hit you in the ring and if you are a wrestler. but mickie is the person you would like to meet. i meat her on my birthday she is a cool person and she is great in the ring some time she alittle scary if you make her mad i never told her but she scared me on my birthday when she was in the ring with a deap south guy who started running his mouth talking about how girls in wrestling should be on there neese in the back but she mess him up and he deserves every hit and mickie would agree with me i hope

  2. also mickie knuckles is a hardcore wrestler she is one of the best that ian rotten and chris hero. she can also brawl and she can be a heel a bad girl but behind the camera she is an out going person and she will talk to you it just i never had a conversation with her so i dont know. but for any body who has not meet her you really wont to meet her i have not yet got to know every thing about mickie knuckles. but from the thing that i have seen at the shows i went to i know this much about her so yea. i have one thing to say about her she loves what she dose and she loves wrestling wroth a mashend and she has been a wrestling fan sencse she was 5 year old. so peaple who have not meat her you need to meet her.

  3. just hope micki is ok and heals fine i have been a fan since 6/ 05 when she won the belt at the ecw arena in philly now alhambra and had my pix. taken with her best of luck micki always dennis from boston

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