Ultimate Fighter Season Finale Spoiler!

This is what I could find after much searching online:

I don’t know who wins the C.B. Dollaway vs.  Amir Sadollah fight, but the eventual outcome is the same either way.  Either CB or Amir win, the show is over.  Jesse Taylor kicks out the window in the limo, and who knows what else.  Jesse is eliminated from the finale and from the UFC.  Dana has a third semi final match to determine who will get Jesse’s spot.  So either CB or Amir is already in the finals, whichever man isn’t in the finals faces Tim to determine who gets the other spot.  Tim suffers an arm injury during this match.  The final is a rematch between CB and Amir.  Jesse is gone.  Tim is recovering from the arm injury.

4 Responses

  1. Man I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find jack. Give me some hints as to where you found this info.

  2. is this info based on facts or predictions?

  3. Heres what I heard On Facebook Forum from a guy that heard it from TUF Fighter Tim…….Apparently C.B beats Amir. Then they go out and fuckface C.B Kicks the Limo Window out, so they bring back tim to fight Amir for the Winner to meet Jesse in the Finale. Apparently Amir breaks Tim’s arm and it will be Amir vs Jesse in the Finale. Also if you go to Spiketv.com and watch the video of the window smashing, you can also see the guy jumping out and running across the street. His face is blurred but it sure looks like C.B.


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