Breaking Dawn Chapters 1-7 Leaked.


You kids can figure out how to download it.  It’s a large PDF file though, so be patient.

This is the first seven chapters to the new Stephanie Meyer book Breaking Dawn, to be released officially at midnight on Saturday August 2.

23 Responses

  1. Um…can I have this in a Wordpad format?…cause like I can’t read it and I really really want to !!!

  2. What do you mean you can’t read it? Is this a fake???

  3. Why cant anyone wait! there’s only a day left really if you go to a midnight opening… this isnt really fair to stephenie.

  4. it’s not available anymore *sob*

  5. Thanks. Just finished reading them. I’m gonna buy the book, promise, but could you pleeeease upload, like, 8-16? That’d be great. Lol.

  6. how do people get ahold of these? im not reading it bc i want to wait the whole 23 hours until it actually comes out.

  7. Where is the stupid link I can’t see it anywhere!!! I really don’t like liars, i am just an obsessed fan and i can not even wait one more day!! I have been waiting since the special edition of Eclipse!! I have read each quote, the spoiler, and i heard a rumor that the first 7 chapters were already out. I was just about ridged in my seat!!! I can’t handle it!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  8. I am a die-hard Stefenie Meyers fan! But I refuse to read these leaked chapters – I ordered an advance copy of Breaking Dawn a couple months ago and will use forced discipline to wait for the book’s arrival.

    I am expecting a great read!

  9. Can anyone email to me??? the link no longer works.

  10. yup the link doesn’t work anymore..can anyone e-mail it?

  11. Can anyone email to me??? the link no longer works.

  12. Ooh, you “die-hard Smeyer fans” are in for it! You might prefer having an idea of just the pile of crap you’re stepping in before you life your foot.

    But… to each their own, right?

    Don’t blame me when you get to Nessie, though…

  13. hey can someone email the link to me ?

  14. PLEASE! i need chapters 15+ anyone!! i am dying!!! please send it to me!

  15. There is only 7 hours and 32 minutes left. You Humans are really impatient

  16. The link is no longer available. Pleeaseee!! I need the first 7 chapters!!! Please, pleaseee, pleaseee!!


    Can anyone email to me?


  17. can someone email them to me because they aren’t here anymore

  18. EIII can someone email it to me???? im desperate as you know…and in my COUNTRY..B.D doesnt go out until aug.4 . Yes, HORRIBLE! . so can someone pllleeassse email it to meee >m<

    Much appreciated!! 8D

  19. emal to me too please pease!!

  20. can sum1 plz send it 2 me plzzzzz…cant wait till tmrw!!!

  21. can somebody send the file OR the link to me, i’m so DESPERATE for it. thanx

  22. Saammee hereee! :>> thanks a lot!

    click my name to know my e-mail add :) thanksss

  23. this suck {tear tear} i saw this link and my heart skipped a beat {tear tear} and now its torn 2 pieces cause its block now {tear sob tear sob}

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