This week’s trip to the comic store.

Not too big or exciting a week for comics.  I finalized my pull box, bought a couple things, and that was it.  I don’t want to post everything twice, once now and once with reviews, so this will be quick

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(Last) Week’s trip to the comic store.

Last week began a return to buying weekly comics.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been reading them weekly.  Between Borders, friends, and – um – other means, I’ve been keeping up to date on a good amount of comics.  But overall, its hit or miss.  Maybe the new issue will be at the bookstore.  Maybe it will still be in good condition, and maybe it will come in shortly after its’ Diamond release date so I can read it before spoilers are up.  But these things rarely happen, so I have brought back the weekly trips to the comic book store.  Each week, I’ll tell you what I bought and give a short review of the book.  Plus any other things I buy along the way.  Onto last week’s buys (technically the first week) for July 30, 2008.

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An experiment in live blogging.

I’m playing around with this program.  Be patient.