This week’s trip to the comic store.

Not too big or exciting a week for comics.  I finalized my pull box, bought a couple things, and that was it.  I don’t want to post everything twice, once now and once with reviews, so this will be quick

Week 2 Purchases

Week 2 Purchases

Hack/Slash Suicide Girls Annual (although not with the cover I want), Hack/Slash #14, Final Crisis #3, Patsy Walker: Hellcat #2, Grimm Fairy Tales #27, and Venom: Dark Origin #1

There was also quite a bit that showed up in the mail too.  I love eBay and their cheap prices on all things:

The Stack

The Stack

In that stack, aside from this and last week’s comics are:  Spider-Man: Torment graphic novel, Hulk: Ground Zero graphic novel, WWE Magazine September 2008, Masters of American Comics, Hyper Police vol.1, and various handouts, flyers, and promos.

With next Wednesday fast approaching, and two pay per views plus a WWE house show before them, I need to attack the stack.  Stay tuned for more reviews.

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