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Category: Writing and Poetry

By Jason Thibault, writer and artist of Battles Without Living Witnesses

This is going to be a multi-part series of 5-7 resource pages for all aspects of creating comics. I’ll try to make it weekly or even twice weekly if I can manage until it runs its’ course. Then I’ll create a master page that links to each separate subject and post a link to it on our front page.

I get asked on a weekly basis if I have any useful tips on writing, drawing or just plain getting into the business of comics. Frankly I’ve only written for myself, I am by no means a professional and won’t be considered part of the “industry” until we have books on shelves of stores which will be sooner than later.

But here are a few things that I do know about writing for comics.

  1. There is a huge amount of people that either want to write or draw comics. I know this from the dozen or so messages that I receive every week.
  2. Writing comics ain’t easy. It takes years to dissect what makes comics work. And then more years after that to get good at it. You have to master everything from plot, structure, dialogue and pacing.
  3. To make a living writing comics is even harder. Most of the pros write anywhere from one to half a dozen series each month, limiting the amount of paying work that is available out there.
  4. Even writers that get paid to write comics often have another main source of income or a day job.
  5. Comics are not like writing screenplays. There not even one step removed. It’s a whole other discipline. The ninth art.
  6. If you aren’t actively writing comic pages every day/week/month you probably aren’t serious about it.
  7. If you aren’t tearing apart comics (not literally) to figure out what makes them work, you probably aren’t serious about it.
  8. There are probably only a dozen new writers that make it into the pros each year. And thousands of people applying for those jobs. Not to mention that established writers that are also hungry for more work from the publishers.
  9. Time to get that notebook / typewriter / word processor fired up.

The art of writing for comics used to be a mystery to most until one particular collection of Sandman featured a Neil Gaiman script in the back of it as an added bonus.

Fortunately now, there is one hundred times the amount of info out there and a lot of it is free and right at your fingertips.

There’s enough links below to get you started and to keep you busy for a year. It’s by no means complete but it’s a good beginning. Hunt around long enough and Google enough specific subject matter and you’ll find exactly who and what you’re looking for.

All links are in BLUE.

SAMPLE SCRIPTS from the best of the best and free to read/

1. Warren Ellis scripts for Desolation Jones, Fell and Ministry of Space.

2. Alan Moore scripts for Big Numbers 3 & Killing Joke

3. Dwayne McDuffie scripts can be found HERE

4. Brian Bendis has posted a script for Powers Volume 2, Number 1.

5. Script excerpts from EVERYONE here on The Engine.


1. An almost 20,000-word interview with Alan Moore from 2000. It’s huge, fire up the coffee.

2. Better yet a link page to Alan Moore interviews from the last 20 years

3. Big 8-Part interview with Grant Morrison

4. and the infamous one with Grant Morrison over on Barbelith.


1. Writing Comics: Guide at http://www.downthetubes.net written from a British perspective.

2. Kurt Busiek On Writing For Comics:

3. Another resource page with 32 links on writing for comics and breaking into the industry.

4. Barry Lyga steps in with his 2 cents on Writing Comic Books


The always indispensable Steven Grant pipes in every Wednesday with Permanent Damage.

And Dirk Manning offers up his bi-weekly Write or Wrong column over at Newsarama. Scroll down to read through all his essays on his adventures in the comic industry.


If you want to go further into your understanding of the art form, you need to turn to books.

Here’s a few. Several of them are “must reads” for all comic creators.

From a strictly creative standpoint I’d urge you to get Steven’ Pressfield’s The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles & George Leonard’s Mastery . They are both quick reads that I find myself returning to again and again. I’d recommend these to any artist as well. There are universal truths for all creators in these two books.

1. Writing for Comics with Peter David

2. Alan Moore’s Writing For Comics Volume 1

3. Scott McCloud’s trilogy Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form & Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels.

4. Will Eisner’s Comics & Sequential Art: Principles & Practice of the World’s Most Popular Art Form!, Graphic Storytelling: The Definitive Guide to Composing a Visual Narrative & Eisner/Miller which features a 350-page discussion with Will Eisner & Frank Miller shortly before Mr. Eisner passed away.

5. Two books from Warren Ellis: Come In Alone & From The Desk Of Warren Ellis Volume 1

6. Mark Salisbury’s Writers on Comics Scriptwriting

7.Tom Root & Andrew Kardon’Writers on Comics Scriptwriting Volume 2

3. Gertler’s Panel One: Comic Book Scripts By Top Writers and his follow up Panel Two: More Comic Book Scripts By Top Writers.


First go HERE to Tom Spurgeon’s excellent guide on getting published. It’s 3 years old but still filled with excellent material. There’s a few dead links on there due to some companies no longer being in business. DC Comics: At this time, DC Comics does not accept unsolicited artwork or writing submissions. Basically they’re only reviewing artist portfolios at Comiccon International in San Diego (July 26-29) and Wizard World in Chicago (august 10-12). New writers are out of luck at DC.

Marvel: Submission Guidelines

Dark Horse – Submission Guidelines

Image – They don’t take writing samples, only complete projects (with art) but here’s their guidelines.

Avatar has their guidelines clearly laid out as well.

For any other company you can think of just type the company name + “submission guidelines” into Google and see what results from that search. It’s all that I did.

Good luck.

We’ll come back in a few days and discuss drawing.


Jim Lee http://www.myspace.com/jimlee00

An Open Letter to my fellow professionals and comics fans…

To my fellow professionals, artists and comic book fans–

In comics, we’re always telling stories about people in life-threatening situations. That’s thrilling in a comic book, but in real life it’s the scariest ordeal you can imagine. Right now Gordon Lee, a retailer in Rome, GA, is facing the fight of his life. This August he will finally stand trial against two counts of distributing harmful to minors materials. He faces penalties of up to a year in prison and fines of up to $1,000 on each count if convicted. Gordon has been fighting to prove his innocence for almost three years. Fighting through being overcharged with two felonies and five misdemeanors, most of which were later thrown out. Fighting though the prosecution throwing out and refiling their case because the day before the trial they discovered that their facts were wrong. And now fighting against two remaining charges that are completely meritless. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has taken up the fight for Gordon, and now we need to help them finish that that fight.

Right now, I’m asking you to join me in supporting the CBLDF’s work on this case. To date they’ve spent nearly $80,000 defending Gordon, and they expect the trial to cost another $20,000 on top of that. To ensure that they have the cash on hand for Gordon’s August trial, and to shore up their reserves for what could be a very litigious Presidential election year, they need our donations now.

Please join me in supporting the Fund by making a donation of cash, original art, high-grade comics, or even some of your time (like I did in 2003 when I did a signing at Defender of Liberty recipient Chuck Rozanski’s Mile High Comics as part of a CBLDF benefit auction). It’s up to those of us who rely on comics for our living to stand behind the Fund in protecting our own. The Fund needs all of our support to win this case, where a conviction won’t just harm Gordon, but its precedent could affect all of our livelihoods.

To donate art or collectibles for the Comic-Con auction, please send an email to cbldf1@gmail.com to let them know what you are contributing. If you have it available, include a jpg of your donation so they can list it in their auction preview online. You can see my donation–a penciled promo piece of Batman for the upcoming DCU MMO–alongside this message

To donate money, go to http://cbldf.safeshopper.com/12/cat12.htm?479 . To make sure that the Fund can include your donation in their Comic-Con auction preview, please be sure to get in touch with them with a jpg no later than Sunday, July 15. You can send the physical piece to their office until July 20th, or deliver it to them onsite at Comic-Con.

Please join me in helping the CBLDF raise the resources it needs to win this important case. If you have questions or to let the Fund know what you’re sending, email Charles Brownstein or Greg Thompson at cbldf1@gmail.com or call them at the CBLDF office — 212.679.7151. And please send your contributions to CBLDF, 271 Madison Ave, Suite 1400, New York, NY 10016 and tell them that I sent you!

Thanks for joining me in support,

Jim Lee

Also from Jim Lee:

All Star Batman and Robin 8 pencils

Here’s the update on All-Star Batman and Robin news as far as I know:

The next bimonthly issue of ASBR issue 6 ships Wednesday, July 25th–that’s the Wednesday before the San Diego Comic Con.

Here’s a peek at a page from issue 8. Unfortunately, I had other pages last week but they all had spoilers all over em so here’s a generic shot, although this one even has a clue on it heh.

I know you WildCats fans are DYING for an update…so am I! As soon as I have more script to draw, I will let you know the details. I am still committed to doing my run with Grant and I will be seeing him at SDCC to figure how we can we can recover and get it back on track like ASBR is.

Stay tuned…

Bendis! http://www.myspace.com/brianmichaelbendis

The Powers Personals Are Back!!

The Powers Personals Are Back!!

.. / icon and title –>.. message –>REMEMBER THE POWERS PERSONALS??

when we started powers at icon i had one of my all time best ideas. it launched two weddings, countless hook ups ( ok, you could count them) and many had a good time just reading them.

the page in powers flitted away because we always needed the page to sell mike’s damn mouse book but now with powers new format we can run the ads again. yay!!

and you have the opportunity now to try and get some!!

we want real. honest little ads that explains who you are and what you want out of life and what you want from someone else… be honest, be funny, be needy, whatever you want… email address only, no phone or cell.

post them here or email me at brian1138@aol.com or both.

thousands of people will see it. i love you guys and if i can get you a little laid, that would be great.

of course no one involved in powers or at icon and marvel comics has any responsibility for anything that happens because of the ad or is responsible for what it says in the ad. this is a free service with no binding promise of legal whatever.

all you have to do in return is share your hook up story with the powers letter column for future issue updates. and mike oeming will not sleep with you… maybe.

and if you actually get laid from it, you have to buy powers forever and can not bitch about skrulls no matter what happens.


25 year old male seeks female 22-28 who reads comics. Mostly to prove you exist, but also for fun, companionship, and possible games of Risk or even Parappa the Rapper 2.

22 yr old female, Portland, Oregon. 5’11, white, & somewhat insane. I’m an
aviation enthusiest and university student. I’m seeking Lloyd Dobler or
just somebody to go back in time with me. Must bring your own weapons and
safety is not guaranteed. Knowing your way around Guam is a plus.

I am Wong. ’nuff said.

.. / message –>.. sig –>

Khary Randolph http://www.myspace.com/khary

7.9.07 – San Diego Comicon
Current mood: busy

What’s good y’all. Just to let y’all know, I decided at a very late date that I WILL be attending the San Diego Comicon (July 26th-29). Because I made the decision at such a late date, I do not have a table there. BUT. . .The Black Book WILL be available for purchase at the Brandstudio Press table. It will retail at $25 and I promise you it will be worth it. I got a preview copy a few weeks ago and it looks ****ing sick. I will also be signing at a few different tables while I’m there. I’ll be at the 4kids/Chaotic table from 5-6pm on Friday and 1-2/2:30 on Saturday. I’ll also be at the McFarlane table from 3-4pm on Saturday. So swing by and holla atcha boy.

And while I’m here, a few commissions I’ve finished up recently, Sleepwalker and Gambit. They are for the same fellow but I wanted to do two slightly different style techniques since the characters are so different. Peace.


A Comic Shop http://www.myspace.com/acomicshop

“A Comic Shop Got Robbed” = The Video
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July 6th, 2007

We thought, since we got robbed,

we should have some fun with it.


The Hole has been fixed.

We reinforced the walls.

Installed Poison Tipped Boomerangs!

Brought in a starving, pissed off,

psycho Pit-Bull for the night shift!

There is a video on the site as well.

Brad Meltzer http://www.myspace.com/bradmeltzer

Rock Paper Scissors

Best game ever. The only sport I was ever good at (besides hiding). This is the sport that us ordinary kids loved.

From: Digg.Com

ESPN televises Rock Paper Scissors
via digg on Jul 09, 2007

ESPN will push the edge of the envelope in prime time Saturday with its debut coverage of the USA Rock Paper Scissors Championship.

MySpace Updates of the day.

This will be a new feature here on Hellions.  Every day we will post news from the world of MySpace.  Near everyone has a page these days and we hope to have all of that information in one spot every day.  There will be one area for wrestling, one for comics, and if need be an “other” category.  In the future we might branch out to cover MMA, but not yet.