WWE – Smackdown tapings for August 15, 2008.

from Rajah.com:

Dark Match:
* Elijah Burke b. Stevie Richards
– The match was slow throughout & the crowd could have cared less. Burke got the win via pinfall.
* A SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 video game highlight package is shown.

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Daily MySpace – Wrestling.

This daily column will be an attempt to have all the wrestling news from MySpace blogs posted in one place.  The first column will be large, and give you an idea of what this column will look like.

April 2:

Former Babe of the Week/Month Vyper (MySpace page) posted a new YouTube video with pictures and videos featuring here.  Read all about it here.

April 1:

Pro Wrestling Unplugged will have World Title gold up for grabs at “Cuffed & Caged 2” on Saturday, April 19 at 7:30 pm in the New Alhambra Arena (former ECW Arena), 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA.  Read all about it here.

Colt Cabana has some WrestleMania thoughts. Here.

March 31:

Cheerleader Melissa promotes new releases from clickwrestle.com. Here.

March 23:

Alere Little Feather tells us about almost dying.  Here.

March 22:

Victoria updates us on everything going on in her life.  Read about her businesses here.

March 18:

And in today’s final post, Rick the WWE Signguy wrote about some of his House Show experiences during the past week.  Find out what wrestlers he pissed off here.