TNA Impact taping results for 7/3


*Impact opens with AJ Styles and Karen Angle in the ring. AJ challenges Kurt Angle to come out and face him but Team 3D attack him. Before they can put him through a table, Rhino makes the save and challenges Angle and 3D to face he, Styles and Christian Cage to a Full Metal Mayhem match at Victory Road.

*Don West and Mike Tenay interview LAX via satellite. Robert Roode and James Storm come out and rip on LAX. This sets up Roode and Storm vs. The Motor City Machineguns….

*Roode and Storm lose to the Machineguns, then handcuff and lash them. The referees and security try to stop them and get lashed as well. They drag Dave Penzer into the ring and lash him Jim Cornette comes out and says he is going to find the two angriest and meanest guys to face Storm and Roode.

*Moose defeated Roxxi, who was busted open around her eye during the bout.

*Rey Bucanero pinned Alex Kozlov in a World X Cup Match.

*Milano Collection AT pinned Curry Man.

*Kurt Angle comes out and complains his blind dates were horrible and calls out Team 3D Brother Ray says he lost his little black book so he used Devon’s and apologized. They bring out a hot girl named Sandy but Angle says all women are pieces of sh** and the Beautiful People attack her. Karen Angle comes out and tries to protect Sandy but gets surrounded. AJ Styles, Rhino, ODB and a few others make the save.

*Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash teasing dissension, defeated James Storm and Robert Roode. Sting’s music played and the lights flickered.

*Doug Williams defeated Masato Yoshino.

*Shantelle Taylor defeated TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong in the $25,000 challenge to win the Knockouts title.

*In a World X Cup match, Kaz defeated Ultimo Guerrero.

*Booker T comes to the ring and calls out Samoa Joe. Booker says Kevin Nash is right and he can’t beat him. Booker runs down a list of names he has beaten in the past. Joe says he will beat Booker in Houston in front of his friends, family and wife. Sting’s music plays and he comes out and says he will be at Victory Road to see who wins.

*AJ Styles & Gail Kim & ODB defeated The Beautiful People & Kurt Angle. MMA star Frank Trigg attacked Styles. Kim got paperbagged.


*LAX & Eric Young defeated Kip James & Petey Williams & Johnny Devine.

2CW results from Shakedown June 7, 2008.


Max Bauer defeated Nikki Roxx
Nikki answered Bauer’s Challenge only to get destroyed by the monster which leads to J Freddie coming out to save Nikki. Then Jason Axe came to the ring to beat on J Freddie with Bauer only to be saved by…….THE SANDMAN!!! Well not really it was Gordy making a mockery out of the Sandman’s appearance in 2CW. He ran down the crowd for cheering for the drunken bum and then proclaimed himself the New Hardcore Icon!! This led to the 6 man tag match.

Axes of Evil defeated J Freddie & The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)
The Ring Crew Express (Who are part of NWA Upstate) left the ringside which left J Freddie by himself to be beat on by the Axes of Evil

Frankie Arion defeated Brain Fury
5 Star match!!!

“Strangler” Steve King defeated Johnny Law

J D Love & Loca Vida defeated Brodie Lee& Jimmy Olsen (w/ Hellcat) in a No Holds Barred Match
Well let’s just say all HELL broke loose in the Pastime Athletic Club. This match spilled onto the floor immediately after the bell. Chairs, Beers, Bleachers, Tables and anything that was not held down was used. J D Love was put through the merch table at one point. Then Cloudy came out to help the Upstate crew. Now it was 4 on 2. More chaos and then Love grabbed a bag of thumbtacks and choke slammed Lee onto them and the Loca bulldogged him face first into them for the pin. As they are celebrating the win Dunn and Marcos hit the ring and attacked them to make it a 6 on 2 Upstate advantage. Jason Axe and Zaquary Springate III come to the aid of Love and Loca. Now all it was a near riot in this building. The crowd was out of control.
4 Tables were setup in the ring and Hellcat, Olsen, Cloudy and Lee were all laid on them and we had a 4 person Frog Splash through all 4 Tables at the same time!!! 2CW STOOD TALL!!! All I can say is WOW!!!

Zaquary Springate III defeated Antonio Thomas

Kevin Grace defeated Steve Kruz

2CW Champion Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Isys Ephex
Another 5 Star Match!!

TNA – current card for Slammiversary.

Here is the complete lineup for tonight’s TNA Slammiversary PPV in Southaven, Mississippi:
King of the Mountain TNA World Title Match
Special Enforcer: Kevin Nash
– Samoa Joe defends against Robert Roode, Booker T, Christian Cage and Rhino
– AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
TNA X-Division Championship Match:
– Petey Williams defends against Kaz
TNA Knockout Championship Match/ $25,00 Challenge
– Awesome Kong has an open challenge out
TNA Tag Team Championship Match
– LAX defends against Team 3D
A Match Made in Heaven:
– “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal marries So Cal Val with appearances by American Idol’s Ace Young, George “the Animal” Steele, Koko B. Ware, Jake “the Snake” Roberts and Kamala.
– Gail Kim & ODB & Roxxi vs. The Beautiful People and Mickie Knuckles.

TNA – Reasons for Roxxi Laveaux to shave her head.

Here is a tidbit behind Roxxi Laveaux’s decision to have her head shaved bald. All of the purple hair dye she had been using over the last year or so for her “Voodoo Queen” gimmick greatly damaged her hair and that made her decision to shave it all off a little easier.