ECW results for July 15, 2008.

Highlights of Tony Atlas and Mark Henry from last week’s episode.

Tazz introduces Mark Henry and Tony Atlas.  Atlas puts over Henry and his strength.  To show how strong he is, Mark Henry bends frying pans with his hands.  Tommy Dreamer comes out, he wants to try to bend frying pans too.  Dreamer “tries” to bend the pan and then bashes it across Henry’s head.  The pan bends, Dreamer leaves the ring.

Teddy Long gives Tommy Dreamer the rest of the night off, because (to paraphrase) ECW is not Raw and he will not condone anarchy.

Mike Knox vs. Shannon Moore

Knox hits a sick looking Knox-out for the pin.

Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) vs. Evan Bourne

Bourne does a pre-taped interview before the match: “I will defy the odds, because I defy gravity.”

Bourne hits moves I’ve never seen before and pins Chavo after a Shooting Star Press.

Tiffany and Colin Delaney talk backstage.  Tony Atlas and Mark Henry interrupt.  Mark Henry bear hugs Colin and tosses him onto some equipment.

The Miz and John Morrison (WWE tag champs) vs. the Hardys

Morrison hits the Moonlight Drive on Matt.  Morrison goes for the pin, but Jeff jumpts off the top rope and hits a Swanton bomb onto Morrison.  Matt Hardy rolls over and pins Morrison.


Babe of the Day – ECW’s Tiffany (Taryn Terrell)

ECW – Who is Tiffany? (Taryn Terrell)


World Wrestling Entertainment has signed Playboy model and 2007 Diva Search contestant Taryn Terrell to a developmental contract. She will be moving to Tampa, Florida in the coming weeks to start training at WWE’s only remaining developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.

Taryn Terrell was the fifth contestant booted off WWE’s annual Diva Search competition last year, which was won by Eve Torres.

The 23-year-old Terrell has a long history with Playboy and appeared fully nude in several spreads on their website as well as in the magazine.