SmackDown taping results for May 16, 2008.


Show opened with La Familia. Edge cut a promo talking about how he was magically healed last week and will be the next world champion because Undertaker cannot use his illegal chokehold at Judgment Day. Teddy Long then came out. Vickie yelled at him for being late. Teddy said he was late because he was meeting with the board of directors. Vickie threatened to fire Teddy and then Teddy quit. Teddy then said that the board of directors have told Vickie that she must either face the Undertaker tonight or she will be fired.

CM Punk beat Chuck Polombo with the GTS. Match was pretty good. It was a back and forth even match up. Punk escaped Polombo’s finisher and hit the GTS moments later for the pin.

La famlia was talking backstage. They were trying to come up with a plan for tonight. MVP came in complaining about last weeks championship chase. Big Show and Finlay came in as well. Vicki signed Finlay and Big Show vs. MVP and a partner of his choice for later. Chavo then questioned Vickie about the championship chase last week as well.

Michelle McCool beat Layla. Match sucked. Michelle won with a leg lock after working over Layla’s leg during the match.

Batista came out and cut a promo. They showed the footage of HBK and Jericho from Raw. Batista said he was going to hurt Shawn next time he sees him. Batista implied that he would be at Judgment Day.

Vickie changed the main event to her, Edge, Chavo, Bam Neely, Ryder, and Hawkins vs. Undertaker in a 6 on 1 handicap match.

Big Show and Finlay beat MVP and Mark Henry. Match was good, especially when it was MVP and Finlay. Probably the best match on the show. Big show pinned MVP with the chokeslam.

Vladimir Koslov beat Funaki. This was a bad squash match. Koslov won with the reverse ddt.

Cherry beat Maryse. Duece and Domino came out with Maryse. Match was not very good. Cherry won with a bulldog. After the match Duece stared at Cherry as she walked up the ramp.

Backstage Kofi was talking with Matt Hardy. He congratulated on his new dvd and called him an inspiration. Shelton Benjamin then came in. He said he would beat Hardy tonight.

Matt Hardy beat Shelton Benjamin. Match was good. Matt won after he countered a suplex and hit the twist of fate.

Main event was next. I don’t know what the official decision was. When La Famlia came out Chavo and Bam Neely left them at the ramp way. This left Edge, Ryder, Hawkins, and Vickie vs. the Undertaker. They fought for a bit. Eventually Taker had Vickie alone in the ring. He went to chokeslam her but Edge hit a spear. Edge then got her out of the ring and pushed Vickie up the ramp in her wheelchair. Kane’s music then hit and he pushed Vickie back to ringside. Undertaker and Kane beat up everyone until it was down to just Vickie. Kane threw Vickie into the ring. Undertake teased a chokeslam, but eventually tombstoned Vickie.

I think this is where the Smackdown ended.

Kane and Undertaker celebrated for a while. Teddy Long came out. He and Kane danced. Mick Foley joined them. Then Michael Cole joined in as well.

Tony Chimmel thanked us for coming. At this point I left. Not sure if there was a dark match or not. I think as we were leaving Mick Foley was singing happy birthday to someone.

WWE – SmackDown spoilers.

from prowrestling.NET

– Edge and Chavo start the show. They are upset that they lost their titles at WrestleMania, and feel bad that they have let their fans and Vicky down. They are both getting title rematches at Backlash. Also tonight, Vicky has signed Kane vs. Taker.

– Non-Title Match: Matt Hardy defeated MVP © in a 15-minute match. JT says, “They picked up right where they left off.”

– Festus squashed Edge Guy Zach Ryder. JT says, “Festus destroyed him.”

– Shawn Michaels is out to the ring. Batista comes out to interrupt him. Batista is angry with HBK, and calls him egotistical. HBK tries to smooth it over, but Batista makes HBK feel guilty for beating Flair and says he should have laid down for Flair. Batista tosses down the mic and leaves. HBK gives his mic to the ring guy, is sad and leaves.

– Vladimir Kozlov defeated Matt Bentley in a very quick match.

– Non-Title Match: The Miz and John Morrison © defeated Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang

– After the match the Great Khali came out and beat down all four men. He grabbed the mic and started to talk about the Big Show, who then came to the ring. They stared down and Khali left like on Raw.

– Kane and The undertaker went to a double count out as they did the double big boot spot and couldn’t answer the 10-count.

– The first 10+ Minutes was a “grappling bout,” as they wrestled, hit no signature moves and just worked basic wrestling. After the double KO boot spot, they both did the sit up. Edge, Chavo and the Rated Rmy hit the ring and beat them down. Kane and Taker then did the double sit up again, chokeslam on Edge, one for Chavo and then double tombstones to close the show

WWE – Backlash news.

It was announced at last night’s SmackDown taping from Miami, Florida that there will be two WrestleMania rematches at Backlash. Chavo Guerrero will face Kane for the ECW Championship and Edge will challenge The Undertaker for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.