Geek-End Weekend Extra. Krone Meltzer reviews 2CW’s Unfinished Business.

2CW Unfinished Business III Results

Ranger Steve and Pete D. Order def. Wyld Stallions
-At the beginning of the match, Order came out and told us that Johnny Law wasn’t here but ended up finding another partner. That’s when he brought out Ranger Steve (should be a future Killer Steve). Together the team of Steve and Order won after they hit a double sandwhich type move onto a Stallion and then hit a double big splash for the victory.

Jason Axe def. Max Bauer
-Great match here actually as Axe really worked on the leg of Bauer before locking him in a sort of Haas of Pain type submission. Axe ended up telling us he wanted the belt and found it unfair that Olsen was getting another title shot.

John Walters def. Isys Ephex
-Portia Perez came out and said something about not wrestling, wasn’t really paying attention to the promo than her. Walters came out and since Dizzie didn’t come to the show (not sure why), Walters said he wanted to face Ephex. The two had big respect for each other, but it was Perez who hit Ephex with the back of the chair in the top of the head, cutting him open the hard way that gave Walters the win. He didn’t seem to happy about it afterwards about winning that way.

Jimmy Olsen, Cheech, Cloudy, and Marcos of NWA Upstate came out next and talked about how tonight they were going to defeat Slyk and all. Olsen threw the belt down and said he was going to piss on the belt, but Slyk came out only to get quad teamed before Olsen tried to beat him down. Slyk fought out of the quad team and went after Olsen, but he wiggled away just in the nick of time.

Alumni Club def. Killer Steves
-Not really the most interesting of matches as I wasn’t big into this one, but they hit an interesting finishing meanuver to defeat the Steves for the victory.


ZS3 No Contest J. Freddie
-A great, great match here that saw J. Freddie take an insanely nasty bump by jumping through the ropes only for ZS3 to move and have J. Freddie fly over the barrier and onto the ground. After being down for about a minute, a bloodied Freddie got to his feet and fought back into the ring until Cheech, Cloudy, Marcos, and a returning “Big Rig” Brodie Lee came out and ended the match prematurely. Lee told us tonight, his boot put the final nail in the coffin of 2CW.

Slyk Wagner Brown (c) def. Jimmy Olsen
-This was a great match and dare I say had the fans more behind it than the main event. After brawling all over the crowd and all, Slyk ended up winning with his powerbomb on Olsen to retain the belt and it’s possession. Jason Axe interfered here to help Slyk retain, but afterwards the belt at his feet.

Brodie Lee, Cheech, Cloudy, Marcos def. Hellcat, J.D. Love, Loca Vida, Brian Fury
-A hell of a match that saw Love, Loca, and Fury all go down before it looked like Hellcat was going to rejoin Upstate. After doing the clique thing in the ring, he pinned Cloudy, then Cheech, Marcos and it came down to him and Lee. It took three boots by Brodie to keep him down, but it did.

Afterwards, Patterson got on the mic and asked them if they knew who the fuck he was. He then said they cost him a lot of money and it was time for him to bring HIS boys into the ring. SWB, J. Freddie, ZS3, and I think Axe all came down and cleared house before the show ended.

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2CW results from Shakedown June 7, 2008.


Max Bauer defeated Nikki Roxx
Nikki answered Bauer’s Challenge only to get destroyed by the monster which leads to J Freddie coming out to save Nikki. Then Jason Axe came to the ring to beat on J Freddie with Bauer only to be saved by…….THE SANDMAN!!! Well not really it was Gordy making a mockery out of the Sandman’s appearance in 2CW. He ran down the crowd for cheering for the drunken bum and then proclaimed himself the New Hardcore Icon!! This led to the 6 man tag match.

Axes of Evil defeated J Freddie & The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)
The Ring Crew Express (Who are part of NWA Upstate) left the ringside which left J Freddie by himself to be beat on by the Axes of Evil

Frankie Arion defeated Brain Fury
5 Star match!!!

“Strangler” Steve King defeated Johnny Law

J D Love & Loca Vida defeated Brodie Lee& Jimmy Olsen (w/ Hellcat) in a No Holds Barred Match
Well let’s just say all HELL broke loose in the Pastime Athletic Club. This match spilled onto the floor immediately after the bell. Chairs, Beers, Bleachers, Tables and anything that was not held down was used. J D Love was put through the merch table at one point. Then Cloudy came out to help the Upstate crew. Now it was 4 on 2. More chaos and then Love grabbed a bag of thumbtacks and choke slammed Lee onto them and the Loca bulldogged him face first into them for the pin. As they are celebrating the win Dunn and Marcos hit the ring and attacked them to make it a 6 on 2 Upstate advantage. Jason Axe and Zaquary Springate III come to the aid of Love and Loca. Now all it was a near riot in this building. The crowd was out of control.
4 Tables were setup in the ring and Hellcat, Olsen, Cloudy and Lee were all laid on them and we had a 4 person Frog Splash through all 4 Tables at the same time!!! 2CW STOOD TALL!!! All I can say is WOW!!!

Zaquary Springate III defeated Antonio Thomas

Kevin Grace defeated Steve Kruz

2CW Champion Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Isys Ephex
Another 5 Star Match!!